Friday, October 29, 2010

Hey, it's Friday!

Wow, the last couple of days have been a little crazy. There was much nursing involved for a very sick Pony Girl, poor little lamb. I will say that she is the most remarkable sick child I have ever seen. Whilst feeling poorly, looking a very peculiar shade of gray/green and carrying around her "just in case" bucket, she was singing sweet songs and telling me not to worry. She has always remained in the best of spirits when ill, such a trooper. She is back in school today, finding staying home with Mama to be "too boring!" So glad to see she is her perky self again.

Also, I have to mention how overwhelmed I have been with the response to my crochet 'Mary Go Round' tutorial. You really have made me blush with all your nice comments and cheering on, thank you. I have read so many lovely words from a bunch of new folks, it makes my heart skippy happy. This I know is in great deal thanks to the amazing Michelle of The Royal Sisters and Loving the Vintage. I am so honored that she took the time to work up a few of my 'Mary Go Rounds' in her own wonderful way, as she is truly a talent of the utmost kind! She even did a lovely post over on her blog about them. Please go take a look at her gorgeous wall of spring cheer over HERE! Thank you Michelle, you have been such an inspiration and a lovely friend.

As for me, I took a little break from the hook and yarn to play with felt and some creatures great and small. Making up a couple of new journals for my little shop. I do love a Dala Horse, and of course - who can resist a deer diary? "Oh little deer wont you please come here and let me tell you a story..."
I'm thinking these journals would be perfect indeed for writing down all one's Big Ideas!
I have some big ideas myself but, there is a mountain of laundry to climb before I can get to them.

Have a glorious weekend friends, I do hope you get to spend some time with your Big Ideas!


Shorty said...

I love the Deer Diary! If you check out my blog you will see that you've picked my colors! Red and turquoise rock... I must have one. You'll see me in your shop shortly, my friend!

Sherri B. said...

I love your Deer Diary..wish I could say more but I'm packing the car for the trip... I will come back and comment more when I get in this afternoon...My hook is packed!

A Bun Can Dance said...

Your journal covers are gorgeous - I love the bright colours and the animals :-)
Sending a big hug for Pony Girl and hoping that you (and the Engineer) are able to remain bug free!
Have a lovely weekend,
Denise x

Wendy said...

Love the journals! I have many big ideas I'm hoping to get to around here this weekend, but we're fighting of bugs around here, too! Happy weekend!

Serenata said...

The journals are great! So lovely and bright and colourful. Just perfect for Big Ideas!

Glad to read that Pony Girl is feeling better.

Have a lovely weekend.

Colette said...

Great colours on those journals.

I hope Pony Girl is well soon, sickness seems to be going round - we've had an up and down couple of weeks - I'm exhausted!

Have a great weekend, x

Vic said...

Lovely as always Sweets... but SURELY you get sick of hearing THAT?!

I know now why I kept missing your posts - you've changed your blog feed settings oui? *shakes fist at Kate for giving people that idea* lol

I saw your inspiration at The Royal Sisters yesterday & thought you'd be chuffed!

Bobo Bun said...

Poor little thing being poorly, good she's back and off again.

Love the notebooks, hope some of the Big Ideas get plotted in them soon.

Lisa x

crzylady said...

mmmm you know how I can't resist your cuddly journals! tease.
Poor li'l pony girl. all our best.

Also, will be in PDX on 13th so will keep you posted in case you can venture out

Cathie said...

ohh deer, what a sweet little deer it is!
hope Miss Pony girl is back to her normal self & enjoys the weekend.

love, LOVE the pony ♥

Michelle said...

I am so glad to hear Pony Girl is feeling better, It is so horrid when they are sick...And such a worry too.

Thank you too my dear friend for your very kind words...I am so glad we "meet" in blogland...I love reading your posts and catching up with all the crafty goodness you have...

Love the Dala Horse!!!

june at noon said...

Aw, poor Pony Girl! Glad she's on the mend.

What great journal covers. I find I enjoy felt more than I ever thought I would. Very satisfying. :)

Sherri B. said...

I am sorry that Pony Girl was under the weather and how very sweet of her to try to make you not worry, what a little doll.

I have my hook in hand and ready to start with the instructions. I can hardly wait to get busy on it so I will say good night.

lifeshighway said...

Adorable little deer diary. Glad to hear Pony Girl is back on her feet and will have a fun filled weekend of not carrying around a bucket.