Friday, December 2, 2011

DIY Friday - Holiday

I have been visiting some happy places out in blogland looking for some holiday inspiration. There are some gorgeous goings on let me tell you! I have decided to share some of what I found. Whether they be tutorials or inspiration for your own Do It Yourself holiday, there is certain to be something that will spark your imagination.

This beautiful wreath from the ever inspiring Rachel from Smile and Wave! She has the how to HERE. I am also over the moon for her holiday diorama!

My friend Vic from Punky's Mamma gives the basics of how she made this very cool tree decal for her home. I love her sweet Advent Calendar too!

And garlands! Always room for more garlands!

A classic felted garland tutorial can be found HERE.

This beautiful and inspired Dixie Cup garland how-to can be found HERE!

I adore these little winter jars. I found them at The Tortoise and the Hare. You can find them HERE!

and for a whole mess of lovely ornaments, we can always count on Martha!

Well, I have been inspired, how about you. Do you have a holiday DIY that I should know about? I've got some ideas floating around, now if I can only find the time!

Oh, and be sure to check out Dottie Angel's 12 Days of Joyfulness!


Carol said...

Thank you, some great ideas, just seen Dottie Angel's first Joyful creation - brilliant tutorial, absolutely love it.
Carol xx

Wendy said...

Thanks for all the great inspiration! I'd had a ornament ball wreath in mind and just picked up some at a garage sale today--perfect timing!

Vic said...

Hounoured to be included with some simply stunning ideas there: love it all, my festive "to do" list is never ending! xx

mel @ loved handmade said...

So many gorgeous things to do!!

Sherri B. said...

Love them all, now you've got me in the mood for a DIY...Off to check more out!! xo

Unknown said...

good ol' martha :)

I'm loving all these DIYs!

harmony and rosie said...

Yes, what would we do without Martha. I haven't even thought about festivities but your ideas look so pretty, I think I should get thinking!
Loving all your jars.
Kate x

june at noon said...

Very inspiring, especially as I finish my crocheted snowflake ornaments. :)

MJL said...


Flaming Nora said...

Beautiful stuuf. i must admit the tree decal left me a little breathless when I first saw it the other day.