Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A change in the air

The house is quiet. My girl has gone off to her first day of 2nd grade, a little nervous and a little excited... me too.

The mornings have begun to chill, a sign that Fall is on its way.

I am thinking back on this Summer spent with my family, all the special moments and adventures; such a gift.

I am looking through photos, smiling and laughing out loud.

I am amazed at what has taken place this last year, it has been such an incredible journey.

I am making lists of all the things I need/want/hope to accomplish now that I have days and time.

I am sipping my coffee slowly out on the patio to soak up the sunshine while it lasts.

I am holding on.

I am letting go.

How about you?
Are you noticing the shift in seasons?
Do you feel a change in the air?

P.S. Be sure to stop by on Friday as I feel a Give Away coming on!


Flaming Nora said...

My little baby (only 4, not 5 till Jan) starts proper big boy school next Thursday. Gulp.

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Yes, I'm very aware of the changes, they are beautiful!
My children have also returned to school, my pony girl has gone to senior school, she's had lots of brilliant support and had a fantastic first day, I'm soooo proud of her! Change can be difficult for all children but when you view the world from a slightly different angle it can be a bit more of a challenge! Enjoy the Autumn changes! Ada :)

Sherri B. said...

I do feel a shift in the air. At 4:00 the last 2 mornings it has been 46 degrees..burr. and then 70 by noon.

It is hard to believe that P.G. is in 2nd seems like just yesterday you were so sad about her starting kindergarten, time flies.

Can't wait for Friday to see what you have up your sleeve. xo

Katiebee said...

Yeah for your book!!!!!! I can't wait to see it & I'm so happy for you~ you must be so proud!
We're having a bit of change here....due more to draught than anything. The leaves are falling, the grass is brown, the garden is all but done but it was 90 today and muggy. Bring on the rain & cooler temps! (sometimes i am envious of your weather)

Anonymous said...

You can definitely feel September in the air!
Vivienne x

Floss said...

Yes, the change is here in France, too. I can sit out in the sunshine instead of hiding from it, though, and I managed that inbetween lessons and rentrée organisation yesterday! I like the way you're taking time to reflect gratefully and plan constructively. I need to do the same.

Annie Cholewa said...

Feeling the changes here too ... the bird song sounds like autumn.

june at noon said...

Yes, there is a definite shift, despite the remaining humid and hot air swirling around us. I feel it most in the hazy mornings.

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Oh it would make my day to win your book! Happy Anniversary to you too :-)