Friday, February 7, 2014

Stitched Journal Project - Invitation

Last week I shared my Stitched Journal Project and asked if anyone felt like joining me in my year-long adventure. I was so excited to hear that some of you were indeed interested in joining! So, I thought that I would send out a proper invitation with a few simple guidelines to explain the project in more detail. If you missed the initial post you can read it HERE.

It is a project to get the ideas flowing, to process the days in a creative way, to try new techniques and to push past fears that keep us from making something.  It isn't about perfection, or getting it "just right," it is about process and perspective.

The Basics:
Sticking with the journal theme, the objective is to create one "page" or piece of work per month. I'm calling it the Stitched Journal Project, but by no means does that require "traditional" stitching methods only. I am also suggesting that you keep the pieces on the small side for simplicity sake and that you keep each piece similar in size to create a cohesive body of work at the end.
Edited to add: When I say small, it is simply a suggestion, I'm talking 12" x 12" as a rough guide. My first piece is 8" x 13" which was not planned, it sort of just worked out that way. You are welcome to go bigger or smaller depending on your preference.

At the end of each month, let's say the last Friday of every month, we will post our pieces and blog about them. If you are keen on participating, I would be happy to send out email reminders close to the time. I will link to your posts from my blog and would hope that you would link to others on your posts. If we get enough folks to play along, I will set up a Link system here.

I hear you asking, "but Lola, just what on earth are we supposed to make for goodness sake?"
That my friends, is entirely up to you! Still, I'll throw out a couple of ideas to get the old gears turning.

What to Make:
Perhaps you have been wanting to learn how to stitch patchwork, try a new quilt block a month if you like, maybe try your hand at designing your own quilt blocks. Make a sampler page of embroidery stitches, crochet swatches, or knitted squares. Play with color, create fairy tale scenes, try your hand at free motion machine embroidery, or go abstract. Re-create your favorite paintings in fabric and stitches. Stitch to your favorite music, what emotions, feelings and colors does it bring to mind? Use bits of old clothing and trims to tell the story of your life. Work in mixed-media, it doesn't have to be all thread and fabric; use photographs, scraps of letters and is limitless you see!

Next week I'll post some links to tutorials and some inspiration as well. 

If you would like to join in and want to receive email reminders, please let me know and include a way for me to get in touch. Leave a comment on this post or email me at If you know someone who you think would be interested, please share!

I can't wait to see what we come up with!


cross street workshop said...

Hello, I'd really love to join in and monthly seems fairly achievable for me! I'm going to go nice and small. I will definetly need email reminders though! Lovely idea, Thanks Alexandra
Laila x

Flaming Nora said...

I'm in, but I think you knew that already!

Sherri B. said...

I'm in too and have been looking forward to this. My wheels are already turning and I so appreciate the suggestions to help get us started. It will be so fun to see what everyone comes up with at the end of the month.

Enjoy your snowy weekend..I'm so jealous, we have nothing up here at Little House. xo

Annie Cholewa said...

I'm in ... but you knew that :)

I'm just trying to put a blog post together about it so I'd not forgotten ... but yes, email reminders would be good :D

I'm fascinated to see how what we do will differ.

Ashley cramp said...

Yes please I would still love to do this....actually i am working on it today.....D xxx

jabbott said...

This sounds marvellous x

Unknown said...

I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with, and will be following closely. :)

Brier Island Chair Caning said...

Hello! I'm interested! What a great way to use up bits and pieces and create my vey own 'journal of process and discovery'. Please include me. Thanks! Jacqueline J.

Anonymous said...

I've come here via Annie at Knitsofacto. It sounds a wonderful idea and I'd love to join in.

Anonymous said...

I've come here via Annie at Knitsofacto. It sounds a wonderful idea and I'd love to join in.

steph said...

i had sort of thought this might be a way to expand on my embroidery...something that always takes a backseat to knitting....ALWAYS. This might be the incentive to drag it out and create a bit. Thanks for the push. Count me in!


Hello, thank you for this invitation. As i wrote under your first post about it, i think it's a wonderful project and i'm in. I send you a email so you'll have my adress for the reminding mail (perfect to stay in !). A whole year to try and create : thank you for that !

Simona said...

Hello, I also would like to join in. Thank you for the invitation.

Lori ann said...

hello! i would love to join in! well, would love to give it a good try anyway :) i love to stitch and journal, but mostly these days just knit (all the live long day)but this would be the prompt i'd need to pick up a needle and thread again.

i'm lori at

thank you for such a wonderful idea, and beautiful blog, i am your newest happy follower!

Women of the Cloth said...

Would love to join in with this lovely project. Just found out about it via Flaming Nora's Blogspot. Count me in if not too late. Carol x

Anonymous said...

I just found your lovely blog and this lovely invitation via Life in Mud Spattered Boots and would love to join in, if it's not too late!?
I could really use the discipline of a project like this to keep me learning new crafty skills.
You can contact me via butittastedgood(at)

Jenny said...

This sounds like such a great idea and even though I would like to be involved if it is not too late thank you.

Jules61 said...

I'm new to blogging and stitching but love the idea of this project (discovered via Knitsofacto). I haven't worked out how to do the link thing on blogs yet, I'll look I to blog is at Meanwhile email reminders are a fab idea, thanks from

Unknown said...

I would love to join.
Jennifer Goodwin