Tuesday, October 14, 2014

In the garden - Seeds of sharing

"Most immigrants to North America did not come with treasures of gold in their pockets, but treasures of a botanical nature – seeds. Seeds so important they were sewn into the hems of dresses or into the brims of hats. Immigrants experienced a full spectrum of emotions from fear to hope to delight; emotions that vacillated with every ocean wave during their long voyage. They had the security of seeds from their familiar garden plants as they planted a new life." 

Do you garden? Do you save seeds? Do you share them?

I'm finally getting around to organizing my seeds saved from the garden this Summer. I do love sharing seeds of plants that I am particularly fond of. This year my favorite was from a Charentais melon. I bought the plant from a local organic nursery and saved the seeds from the best of the fruit. I promised to share some of the seed with friends and family. Along with other seeds of course.

I have a few friends with whom I trade seeds. When I plant the seeds from a friend, I always think fondly of the resulting plant as, "Oh, that's Amy's Marigold, or, those are Crystal's scarlet runner beans." I like that my garden is such a friendly place.

It is a good thing to save and share seeds. If you would like to learn more head on over the Seed Savers Exchange!

I figure, if the seeds are special, why not send them on to new homes in special packets. So I thought I'd show you some of mine in case you were so inclined to do something similar.

This is a muslin tea bag filled with seeds and closed with a fold and a simple embroidery running stitch and a tag with all the information about the seed.

There are also a ton of free printable templates online that you can print onto any paper. I printed mine onto an old and crumpled brown paper bag. I used the template from HERE. If you search the internet for "seed packet templates" you'll find lots to choose from and blank ones you can add your own design to. You just cut it out, fold along folding lines, glue into place and voila!

You can easily sew up a little seed pocket (you all know how much I love a handy dandy pocket). I chose some cheerful vintage feed sack material and used a vintage blue button tied with embroidery thread for a closure. I'll send an info tag along with it.

I even used some parchment paper to stitch as well as fold little packets of seeds. There really are so many possibilities! A great project to do with children as well. 

Saving and sharing seeds really is wonderful and important work.


Flaming Nora said...

Love this. May have to make some of these. X

jabbott said...

I love planting seeds.it always amazes me when something grows!!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

So much potential in a little seed, don't you think!
Love the little pouches. :)
V x

Unknown said...

What an inspiring post! I have some Nasturtium seeds from my mother in law that may be too old to sprout, but this might be a way to keepsake them! Thank you!

Frances said...

Thank you so much for this post. It makes me yearn for a garden, but while that yearning is going on in my head, I am also thinking how many folks you've now inspired to share their garden seeds in very creative ways.

All your tips, and encouragements and links will surely yield many wonderful results when growing season commences next spring.