Thursday, December 11, 2014

Tis the season for felt

Seems an age since I got out my felt stash and stitched something up. Since this season lends itself so well to such adventures, I thought it high time for making little felt goodies.

Whipping up just a few baubles for Pony Girl's school chums. Having a jolly time of it too!

What are you up to?


june at noon said...

Oh, I know a little girl who would love those butterflies. Better not let her see them or she'll add another project to my list. :)

Frances said...

I thank you for reminding me about what fun felt can be to use in making decorations. I've some I bought last year around this time, with great hopes of making some simple decs.

Maybe this year?


sustainablemum said...

They are gorgeous!

Annie Cholewa said...

I have been stringing together a few more felt star strings. The ones I made (and blogged about) last year were such a hit they were worth repeating).

That'a a really pretty felt star, very 'Scandi'.