Friday, January 9, 2015

The Accidental Collector

What makes a collection? How many of a certain type of thing must you have to call it a collection? If you have two of something? Or is it 3? 5?

Truth be told, I am a hapless collector. When I was a young thing, way back when, I did attempt to collect with intent. I had quite a phase with candlesticks, cigar boxes, and postcards. The candlesticks were sold off piece meal over the years to lighten my load over the many moves I have made in my life. I still have a few cigar boxes that house small bits of nostalgia from my past, as well as the postcards. The only thing I seem to collect with intent these days are vinyl records, it is a joint collection though, shared with The Engineer.

When I look around my home, I can see various gatherings of things, small collections (and some not so small... please don't ask weather or not I have more kitchen bowls than I could ever have need of).
Many of these collections have found me, come to me through some strange bit of magic; they are accidental collections. A lot of these assemblages have come to me via my mother and grandmother. I do try to only keep the things that give me joy, that I really love... but you know how it goes sometimes, things can get out of hand if one is not careful.

I'm going to say 3, 3 items of like make for a collection. I have discussed this with my friend Jane, and I think I'm comfortable in saying 3.

I have three tiny antique pill boxes. I do believe I once had a 4th, but the memory is vague and I can't be certain. These beautiful and delicate little things are so lovely and they do give me joy. They don't take up much space at all really, in fact they could all fit in my pocket at the same time. They came to me from my grandmother by way of my mother. One of these is meant for my daughter, I'm just fostering it for awhile, I promise.

I think I may make this a regular feature here. Keep your eyes on this space and The Accidental Collector may strike again!

Oh, and I would love to know, are you a collector? Do tell!


LaFleur2009 said...

I love collecting, always have. However, when I moved to the West Coast, I left them all behind.

I've always loved small enamel pill boxes, hat pins, you name it. Great post. Claudia

Jo said...

Lovely boxes. I am a bit of a collector. Different things at different times, but I love stationery and fabric!

Flaming Nora said...

Hello, my name is Jane and I am a collector. Three is defiantly a collection. Two is a proto collection. One has the intent to become a collection.

Debby said...

I think three makes a collection as well.

Allison/Savage Pink said...

I too collect vinyl... much too much of that! Also books...particular types at different times (70s pulp motorcycle fiction anyone?), religious ornaments (though I'm not), hands (glass, ceramic, brass, wooden). I'm sure there is more but it is getting embarrassing. I do like to hear about other people's little collections though, so please do keep this up!

Lesley said...

I collect the tiny ceramic animals that come with red rose tea

Anonymous said...

I am fascinated by the things people collect and by their reasons to start a collection! So, I would be sooo interested in this series on your blog! I also collect many things (old toys, buttons, costume jewelry, found photos, postcards, etc) sometimes with intentions and sometimes accidentally :).Anca

Susan said...

Oh, yes I am a collector from as far back as I remember. As a child I collected swap cards, then stamps and later on, fabric scraps from a dressmaker aunt. I cannot walk past vintage kitchen bowls or jugs without adding to my collection. I have overcome my teapot compulsion, realising it really had to stop at 80!!

angelina said...

Gorgeous collections, I love old things x