Friday, May 22, 2015

Salad Days

This last week has been dedicated to the garden. While we planted a lot of vegetables and eagerly await the Summer months to help them grow, but right now we are up to our elbows in lettuce. This is a good thing, fresh salad nearly every night is a very good thing.

Next the Swiss Chard will be ready to harvest, The potatoes are starting to poke their leaves above the surface. I love growing potatoes. Later in the Summer we'll go treasure hunting for golden and ruby treasure buried in the soil.

A barrel full of mint is close to the kitchen door. it smells so lovely.

It is a lot of work and the weeds are always mocking us by spreading faster and growing taller than would seem possible, but at the end of a full day in the garden, it is absolutely worth it. To see our future dinners growing in our own back yard is pretty cool.

Oh and check out this handsome fellow, he and his friend came to visit after the fountain received a good cleaning. The first time we've had a Western Tanager in our garden. Hooray!

Happy weekend all!


Jennifer Hays said...

I would love to grow my own salad greens someday. My grandparents grew them when I was a kid and it was a great way to try all different kinds of lettuces and other greens that you can't always find in the grocery store.

Flaming Nora said...

You are amazing, our food frowning plans seem to have fizzed out to nothing this year. Sigh

Gemma said...

Your garden is beautiful! It's so lovely to see the outcome of the hard work that goes in!x

Frances said...

Having truly fresh salad every day seems a grand luxury! The leaves are so pretty, too. And so this that amazing tanager...what colors!


Annie Cholewa said...

I'm feeling hungry for green leaves just reading this! And mint tea, I could so drink a huge cup of mint tea just now. We've recently planted some chocolate mint, it has the most amazing flavour.