Thursday, October 15, 2015

A little yarn

I can now declare that it is absolutely indeed Fall! It's not just the crisp mornings and evenings, it's not just the changing of the light, or the turning of the leaves; I mean it is all of these things, but it's something else that makes me certain of the season. I have pulled out my yarn.

Simple as that. It seems I'm not the only one to celebrate the autumnal shift with a bit of yarny malarkey, I've been seeing woolly creations popping up all over the interwebs and social media these days. It makes perfect sense of course.

I had two skeins of fat foggy gray yarn that I contemplated for a bit. Then I began, as you do, working my rusty crochet stitches one after the other until it became familiar and easy again. I love falling back into the meditative rhythm of loops and motion... well, until that moment (many moments) where I've made a crucial mistake and the peace is interrupted.  I am ashamed to admit that when that happens, some less than lady-like words have escaped my mouth on occasion. Then, I begin again.

Eventually, the last stitch is made, loose ends sewn in and I have a lovely and cozy Fall cowl for the coming colder days. It is indeed Fall!


sustainablemum said...

It looks lovely and cosy :).

silverpebble said...

Oh. It's simple, perfect and looks ever so snug. I'm been contemplating a cowl too and crocheted one for Eldest a few days ago. I'm planning a link up for seasonal woolly goodness at mine in the next couple of days.

silverpebble said...

Oh it's perfect - chunky, simple and it looks ever so snug. I crocheted a cowl for Eldest a few days ago. I'm planning a woolly link up in the next couple of days.

Frances said...

What a beautiful, cosy, and stylish creation you've made as a welcome to this still new season. What a grand design...and yes, I am with you on having sudden changes in vocabulary when discovery of a hitch happens. I smiled in recognition at your description of renewing acquaintance with crochering.