Friday, March 20, 2009


I was inpired by Claire, who was inspired by Diane, to take some snaps of the signs of Spring.
So here is what I found in my own back yard.

Daphne: My husband thinks it smells like fruit loops.




Garlic and Shallots in the vegie garden.

Lambs Ears

Black Elderberry


Mare said...

Oh your pictures are lovely! You are farther into Spring than we are here. We still have patches of snow and frozen ground...but not for long thank goodness! Happy First day of Spring to you and yours!

Claire MW said...

Oh what delights in your garden! My lambs ears are still a mess of grey matted leaves from last year. No sign of green yet. I hope the spring walk made you feel better. I had a nasty bug a couple of weeks ago. It gave me the bad dizzies. I hope you don't have that. I'm right with you on the Green Gables marathon...

LollyChops said...

Wow.. you have some really lovely things coming up in your garden! Mine is just now starting to wake up!

Springy HUGS!

Unknown said...

Beautiful flora! Spring really is an amazing re-awakening.

Nancy in Atlanta

diane said...

they are all gorgeous!!! yay spring!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The smell of Daphne is divine!

Anonymous said...

what wholecloth said

daphne smells like heaven not fruit loops (unless one thinks fruit loops smell like heaven :)

Lola Nova said...

I agree, Daphne is heavenly, not fruit loopy.

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