Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Still in the Pink & Something to Crow About

Yes, it's dress #2 in the world series of PINK. Here you can see the closeup of the wool felt flower charm I made to go with the dress.
...and the dress in it's entirety

No, it isn't all pink all the time but, it is pink enough to make the qualifying round.
I used a pattern for this one. Onion 20026 with of course, some alterations. I loved putting this together, a great pattern! I will have to get some other Onion patterns and try them out as well. I used a Michael Miller print for the bulk of the dress and a Kaffe Fassett cotton for the cuffs and hem.

Now, in other news...

The Lovely Miss K and I finally had our Tuesday Craft Date. Last week's was cancelled due to illness. The craft du jour was freezer paper stencils.

This is a very satisfying and simple craft. There is a great how to here. Miss K painted poppies on a T-shirt and I chose some crows for a piece of cotton calico. We used Jacquard fabric paint and paint brushes to apply it. Miss K took hers home to dry so, I don't know what the finished result looked like. I am hoping she will sport her new shirt soon so I can check it out. Here are my crows (I have a little thing for crows), they will be used in an upcoming project.

I love that a group of crows is called A Murder of Crows!


Mare said...

OH! Your projects are lovely! The dress, and the crows... I have a big thing for crows too..

Kylie Jo said...

Lookin' good. My poppies and nurse shirt turned out quite well. I will sport my shirt next week.

Unknown said...

Beautiful! Hmm, I wonder if my sewing machine still works? Hasn't been out of its case in, uh, 15 years?

Nancy in Atlanta

Anonymous said...

Beautiful dresses Alex! I'm sure she'll love them to death. Linden still wears the skirt that you made for Maebry - it's one of her favorites.

I don't suppose you'd consider taking commissions for summer dresses?

Claire MW said...

Oh my goodness. No fair! I wanna come to craft day!! You have entirely too much fun! And look at that dress! Perfect! You are such an inspiration!

Lola Nova said...

Brother Scott- Thanks and Sure I take commissions. I just need size and color preferences.