Friday, January 29, 2010

Time to Pay It Forward!

Happy Friday friends!

I will start today's post by telling you that sometimes, I can be a 'Forgetful Jones'. I have the best of intentions but, they can be slippery little suckers, you know? I have been embarrassingly remiss in my blogging duties, so I am this minute going to put this to rights.

Have you all heard of the "Pay It Forward" phenomena that has made it's weaving way through blogland? Well, thanks to the very lovely Pomona, from Little Cottage Comforts, and to the incomparable Vic, from Punky & Me, I am to be the recipient of some hand made goodness by them - through the 'Pay It Forward' fun. In return, I am charged with Paying It Forward myself, which is a wonderful thing.

If you are feeling a little lost, don't worry, all will be revealed shortly.

While technically, I should be doing twice the load, I will have to stick to the original rules so as not to completely overwhelm myself. So here is the scoop...

How it works;

* I will make a little handmade Lola-like something for the first 3 people who comment on this post who would like to play along.

* I have a year (365 days) to complete my mission and send off the goodies! That should be enough time.

* There is no telling what those things might be, or when they will show up in the post, it's a mystery.

Details, or the fine print;

Since this is ‘Pay It Forward’. You, my dears, must do as I have done and post a similar blog entry yourself, hence Paying the handmade bloggy goodness Forward and keeping the meme, and the fun, going.

Would you like to join in? Of course you do. You have an entire year to make whatever you want, it can be something small or tall or short and stout, even something round. And you will receive something made by me! Ooh, the possibilities!

Now, go on and do it!


Lis said...

I'll play along! A kid and a move mean that I've been extremely remiss in my blogging lately, but this will be a good way to get going again!

Brittan said...

oh, the perfect thing to think about during the dull months of winter! What an amazement this blogland is... every time I am feeling down from the cold, I read something fun, inspiring, uplifting, happy, (the list goes on). And so then I feel a bit better! this is one of those and I would LOVE to play along!!!
how fun!

Brittan said...

P.S. I especially love your profile photo, there are quite a few muppets around our house as well!

Amy said...

This is such a neat idea. I am behind on blogging, but will have to make a new entry for this!!

Lola Nova said...

Oh hurray! Wonderful, I do so appreciate you all joining up, what fun. So, now I need your addresses my dears. Please email me at

I will be sending you emails as well in case you don't check back here.

Have a lovely day!

Vic said...

Incomparable indeed! Well, I never...! ;)

So glad you have your players Ms Lola, let the fun begin!

diane said...

dammit i am too late!!

Anonymous said...

you have showered myself and diane with music and our son with clothing and the greatest hat ever, cant wait for him to wear it, and porter waggoner?!!
GET OUT OF HERE, I will pass it on

thanks for everything

Beth said...

oh too late! i think this is such a great idea!

Unknown said...

Gosh darn! I'm very very late. Have fun playing and creating! xo m.

Kristi said...

Hope this "pay it forward fun" finds me at some point in blogland. I would have so much fun with this one.