Monday, March 8, 2010

Breath of Fire

"It's ok, it's organic."

Well, I've just about had it! I have been much too serious and much too ill and I am darn well over it. For the last week I have gone about in my house clothes, not pajamas but, rags so closely resembling pajamas that semantics are really all that separate them. First it was the bum arm (which I neglected to mention previously), then the tumble down the stairs which led to a bum bum and other injured parts, then the torture ahem...I mean treatment for the bum arm, and lastly this seasonal cold we will call "a most nefarious sickness". Oh, I also went in for my first mammogram, and a well woman appointment...I dare say I have seen more of my new doctor than my husband of late, and she more bits of me than he. I have heard the words, "You will feel some discomfort here..." more times than I care to recall.

Is this what it means to be 'a woman of a certain age'? I have even found myself using the 'small voice', you know, that frail cracking self deprecating passive wobbly voice that goes along with the shuffling of slippers and cat hairs in the candy dish.

I haven't sewn a stitch or picked up hook and yarn, led a parade or sang in the shower, had an adventure or put on a funny hat, made pancakes or tried something new for two weeks and it's made this dame a down right cranky pants. Things were getting quite desperate I tell you!

No more! For today is a new day - of a new week no less, and I am determined to turn things around. If it takes a little spit and elbow grease (with the good arm mind you), I am going to hop to it.

I am starting off my day with "the breath of fire" ala Harold and Maude. I am dressing for success - in my own mad hatter fashion of course. I am going to stand on a bench/table/stump/overturned flower pot and use my big voice. The neighbors will think that I am somewhat usual.

But that's alright, "Everyone has the right to make an ass out of themselves. You just can't let the world judge you too much."

So, today is a good day, a silly day...I am putting on my sunflower hat and I'm going to watch Harold and Maude for the umpteenth time. What will you do?

"I should like to change into a sunflower most of all. They're so tall and simple. What flower would you like to be?"


Sherri B. said...

Good for you! I just wrote on my blog about it being a new week too... I'm sure your hat is just the ticket to turn things around.

crzylady said...

DO IT! It's okay for people to think you're cracked.
"You're bonkers. But all the best people are." _AinW_

Oh the wobbly cat lady voice... we're acquaintances as well. I hope your hat and shouting send it fleeing!

harmony and rosie said...

So glad you are feeling on top of the world once more and I can only assume you are wearing stripy socks below your sunflowers. Nefarious - such a great word, I am definitely going to get that one in to my conversation this week. x

Michelle said...

So happy that your little voice is lifting and dreaming of sunflowers and the like...
Hope your week is bright and cheery...
Just what you need...

june at noon said...

Oh, dear. Sounds like you've had a rough run of it! I've been with you on the illness bit. So frustrating to feel so depleted, isn't it? Glad you're breaking out the special hat!

lifeshighway said...

Is that you, Lola Nova? You are adorable!

First, I love the parade and I love Harold and Maude.

Since it is the end of the day: Tomorrow I will ride my horse in the warm evening light.

Unknown said...

Glad you're off to put the right foot forward. My favourite flower is a black eyed susan... not sure why... I just think they're oh so pretty. Hope you're starting to really feel better and you begin to feel more like your cheerful self again soon. xo m.

Lola Nova said...

Thanks all, you have helped me stay focused and on target with all your comments. I am currently trying to kick the last of this cold out the door!

Crzylady: Why thank you

Kate: Actually I was sans socks for a change, barefoot and fancy free.

Lifeshighway: Yup, that's me :) Somehow I knew you were a Harold and Maude fan!

A Bun Can Dance said...

oh yes!
Some days you just have to shake off whatever it is that's been hanging over you like a cobweb and spring into a more positive and downright LOUD persona !!!
Lets change the energy around this place!
Good for you :-)
Have fun,
Denise x

Mom L said...

Oh, LN, I hope you can put all the illness and "bum" injuries behind you! Oops. The hat - and the sunflowers - should help a great deal!

Nancy in Iowa

. said...

Ooooh, don't you have pretty eyes! I scoured the photo looking for proof that you have an arm that looks like a bum, but then I thought 'silly me, of course she'd have to keep it under wraps as not everybody would be as impressed by your bum arm as I am'. It's not quite in the same league i know, but I've been told that my nose looks a little like a small potato...jealous?

Maisey's Attic said...

Hi - just discovered your blog - Good luck with the party - you look like you have it all under control - I remember the stress of the early year parties! - Love the dresses - beautiful - Nice to meet you xxx

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