Friday, March 5, 2010

Why it works

"When you are sick, it all falls apart." - The Engineer

I take that as a compliment. I take it to mean that when I am not sick, I am the stitch that holds the whole quilt together and keeps us all comfy, cozy, well fed and dressed in clean clothes. O.k. so I am one of the stitches, an integral one to be sure but, were it not for The Engineer...well, it just wouldn't work.

When I say I am just going to lie down for a moment, he knows that I am a very sick mama. He knows this because I never just lie down for a moment at 6 PM, or any other time that is not my normal bed time, unless I am indeed unwell.

He brings me a glass of water and some aspirin without me asking. He wants to know if he can pick up anything from the store for me. He lets me sleep until morning.

He does the dishes...

...sometimes the laundry.

He gets our girl in the bath and ready for bed.

So you doesn't all fall apart, it just gets a little fuzzy 'round here.

...and I will return the favor when you get sick.

Thank you my love.

all images from here


crzylady said...

oh goodness, I'm all teary. Very sweet. I am glad to hear you are well taken care of.

Katiebee said...

ahhhhh, so sweet~ Get well soon!

Brittan said...

These photos are seriously great... love them!

Sherri B. said...

Oh I am all teary too. What a touching post. I started tearing up reading what The Engineer said. I believe our men are really lost without us...Bless his heart and yours too. Get well soon.

Vic said...

Naaaaw, sweetness to the power of 1000!

I can't see the pics right now - sigh - due to the "ishoos" I was telling you about... but I am imagining some pretty ones indeed, oh yes I am!

I really hope you feel better soon! (But if you don't that man of yours certainly seems to have everything covered...)


diane said...

that is so sweet-- i ♥ the engineer.
and you had me fooled for sure, i thought they were your pics- i could totally picture you hanging clothes out to dry.

Kate said...

How divine! Hope you are feeling better soon but in the meantime enjoy the little bit of extra lovin'. X

Gina said...

Such a great partership needs to be celebrated. The images you chose to do so are gorgeous too.

Hurrah for selfless love.

Aussie-waffler said...

Awwww shucks, what a sweet post. I hope you feel better soon lovely. xxxx

Pomona said...

I am sorry to hear that you are struggling, and I hope you will be better soon and jumping about in your stripey socks again.

Pomona x

Unknown said...

very cute. get better soon- with the engineer's help! xx

A Bun Can Dance said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly - I hope you are back to your tip top jolly self very soon.
I love your recount of how the Engineer picks up where you cannot, and vice versa.... it's just how a relationships should be, and beautifully described by you.
Take care
D x

Tania said...

Blurgh. Hope you're feeling much spiffier quicksticks! And so sorry to hear about the bum arm and bum bum on top of all the snotty stuff.

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