Monday, September 20, 2010

A Year of Living A Challenge of the Utmost Kind

Today is the official end to my year of only buying handcrafted or second hand goods for my home and closet, otherwise known as "A Challenge of the Utmost Kind". This was all set into motion by the lovely Dottie Angel, who had to twist my arm just the smallest bit to get me to join up.

I must say that after this year, I believe it was a satisfying study in how simply we do live our lives here in the little green cottage. It also made me mindful and aware of the little impulse buys we don't give much thought to, how much we really don't need. I have been the recipient of many wonderful gifts from family, friends, and those blog buddies of the utmost kind. I have mended and made do, I have purchased a few amazing handcrafted items from the most talented of folks, I have made so many things myself for my family and home, and I feel good about the choices I have made. However, I am in desperate need of socks!

Whilst I could ramble on, philosophizing on the true meaning of this challenge; I think instead, that I will just go on living simply and being mindful. Always trying to appreciate what a blessing it is that we have so much and that we have each other.


A Bun Can Dance said...

Dear Alex
I need socks too after these 12 months of avoiding the high street! Thank you for updating on how your year went. I'm going to do my post in the next couple of days, so won't write about my experience here. But I am very glad to have done it - and oh my - doesn't a year go by quickly??
Congratulations fellow challenger!!
Happy days,
Denise x

Sherri B. said...

Congratulations on going the distance. I told Mr. B. this morning that it was the end of the Challenge for all of you brave souls. I joked that the economy might see a huge jump now. We then both agreed that you all would probably, as you said, go on pretty much the same. I did not join in but must say that it encouraged me to take a second look at things and say many times "I don't really need that".

I am proud of you all for crossing the finish line.

lifeshighway said...

Congrats that you made it to the end. I have enjoyed reading about the experience.

Now I get to wait to see what comes next.

Freya said...

Way to go! A whole year of that would be challenging for sure!

Julia said...

Oh my goodness, I have nothing but admiration for you in taking on this challenge. Well done! You must be feeling an enormous sense of achievement.

I've just bumped into your blog whilst pottering around on the internet. It looks like one I'd like to spend more time with.

Chantal said...

Congratulations. That is quite an achievement. I bet you have found the most beautiful things and made some great friends on the way. It's nice to have a history behind special things in the house other than "Saw it on sale, had to have it!"

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Ooh! Congratulations!
Tho i did not join in, I have pretty much abided by the rules. Easy to do, as most everything we buy 'round these parts is thrifted or gifted to us!

Lola Nova said...

Thank you for your kind words my dears, it has been an eye opening year! I had another post all prepared, which was much more long winded and rambling but, blogger ate it and I thought it a sign to keep it simple.

Chantal, your comment is spot on!

Julia, so nice of you to pop by and say hello!

june at noon said...

Good for you! Learning to make things for myself has definitely been an exercise in simplicity. I've enjoyed hearing about your journey with this!

Mom L said...

Lovely Lola, you did well! I'm proud of you!

Floss said...

Chantal's comment is great, isn't it? It's been wonderful doing a year of this Challenge with you, and like you, it's pretty much going to be ongoing for me. Unlike you, though, my socks are fine! The wonders of living in the south, and only needing socks a few months of the year...

Colette said...

Congratulations - you must be feeling so proud, it would be oh so easy to just wobble a little and buy something unnecessary. I think Chantal summed it up perfectly, well chosen items mean so much more.

Love the items you added today - creating is much more satisfying than tidying up! x

Pia K said...

wow, a year already! an eye-opener indeed, for me too in a way, even though i haven't participated... i do think you can treat yourself to some well deserved and fine socks now though...;)

dottie angel said...

hurrah for my lovely buddy lola! i knew you could do it, and you did it with such brilliantness... thank you for joining me and for showing me how wonderfully inspiring it could be. a gold sticky star or two for you :)

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