Friday, August 23, 2013

Greetings and Salutations!

Well hello, long time no see! It was a long and arduous journey this last month or so, and busy, busy, busy!
Once we got the bulk of our lives moved to the new place, then the heavy work began to get The little Green Cottage into shape for market. Scrubbing, painting, landscaping, replacing windows, etc. We worked long and hard and finally said our last goodbye to the old place. So long old friend, it was a good run!

Meanwhile, over at the new house...
There hasn't been much unpacking or making our own just yet, there just hasn't been time. We have spent everyday and evening in the back yard though. The new garden is a gift that keeps giving, and while I am a bit nervous about the amount of maintenance my new "park" is going to require, we are in love!

We discovered that our apple tree is a Gravenstein, an old fashioned variety that I have loved from my childhood. It is an early apple with a very short season and shelf life, but the flavor is amazing.  When we got the keys to the new place, most of the apples were already on the ground, but I couldn't let them go to waste. So I salvaged what I could and made applesauce, delicious! So, first week in the new place and I was already canning!

We also have been snacking daily on the raspberries that just started coming on when we moved in. I do love a bowl full of fresh berries with my afternoon tea!

Pasta and Caprese salad have been devoured made from the abundant basil and some gorgeous tomatoes from the new garden too.

The latest food source comes from a giant old tree and since we haven't yet purchased a fruit picker thinger, we have to wait for them to fall to the ground. Yummy Bartlett Pears!

In the front garden, we have figs coming on as well as a bumper crop of Delicata squash. Next year we shall have 2 varieties of cherries and blueberries to pick as well, plus whatever we decide to plant in the well appointed vegetable beds. So you can see, that though we may have no living room nor dining room furniture, we will not go hungry!

We (by we, I mean the engineer and a friend) did manage to put up a new coop for the girls. Lots of re-use, reclaimed materials were put to good work and the new place is very fine indeed.

Oh, and lest I forget, we also have a fancy pants fountain in the new garden!

As for getting my crafty on, it will have to wait. I have some walls I need to bash down and a whole heck of a lot of painting before my studio is ready for business.

So nice to visit with you all again. Things may be a bit spotty in this space until school starts, but I am back!

Have a wonderful weekend all!


...C o w R o a d... said...

Yay! So happy to see you are back again! Would love to see an outside pic of your new house though! ;-)
Keep breathing....

Sherri B. said...

Oh, it is soooo good to see you again! I have been looking forward to hearing about the move and the new place. The little Green Cottage looks pretty and ready to greet a new family to care for.

It is so nice that you have so many well established trees and plants to work with, such a bonus, for sure.

The frosting on the cake for me would have to be the 'fancy pants' it!

Looking forward to seeing and hearing more after you get settled in.

Have a lovely weekend, my friend! xo

Annie Cholewa said...

How lovely to see you back again :)

And wow, your garden sounds awesome ... moving to a new house that feeds you as well as puts a roof over your head can't be bad!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Lovely to have you back! Wishing you and yours health and happiness in your new home! :)
V x

Flaming Nora said...

It all looks amazing and sounds shockingly familliar! 5 months in and we still have way too many boxes and piles of unsorted stuff. On the up side unearthed a quince tree in an over grown spot in the garden the other day!

willow and moo said...

Wishing you lots of happy times in your new home!

jabbott said...

Your house is so cute,and what a blessing to owners of such an abundant garden x

harmony and rosie said...

Your garden really does sound too good to be true, reap my friend and as for the crafting .. yes, I do think that's going to have to wait. Enjoy it! x

Kirsten said...

Ooh I see a pot of lovely applebutter! Yumyum, enjoy!

Unknown said...

I've been enjoying your house projects on Instagram! How exciting that you have so many delicious edibles growing right outside. And figs! Delicious.

sustainablemum said...

How lovely to move into a house with such an abundant garden!

Mom L said...

I'm so glad to see you again! I've been checking every couple of weeks, and here you are. I cannot believe what an abundance of food you have growing! The previous owners must have cried at leaving that bounty. I'd forget the inside, too, and just play around in the yard, garden, and fountain!!!

Nancy in Iowa

Ashley cramp said...

WELCOME BACK ALEX she shouted....!!!
look at that fountain too and all that glad the move went well stay in touch...even if its not pretty?!?!
bestest to you
Daisy j x

june at noon said...

Oh my, it sounds delightful! Who needs furniture when you have such an amazing, sustaining outdoor space? I can't wait to see how you settle in!

Anonymous said...

The coop looks amazing, I would move in there if I could fit. :)