Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Tiny Miracle

Yesterday whilst out in the garden I spied a tiny miracle. Well, to be honest, I actually caught the scent of a small miracle before I spied it with my little eye.

Earlier this year I took a few leaps of faith when it came to planting in the garden. I have told you of the many fruit trees we have and the abundance we are gifted with. Still, I wanted to try growing something I have never grown before, melons. This is not the complete truth, I have on one other occasion grown melons, watermelon actually. However, that is a tale of woe for another time.

A cantaloupe melon, a Charentais Melon to be specific. Pony Girl is wild for melons, so I thought I'd throw caution to the wind and plant one small plant. Over the Summer months I diligently watered and cared for said melon plant. I was quite beside myself when the first little green globe appeared on the plant, and then 2 more joined the party.

As time went on I noticed that the small green globes were not growing to the size indicated on the information tag that came in the plant. Last week as I checked them again I sighed the sigh that says, "Well I gave it a go, what a shame."

Yesterday though, as I was returning from my errands I walked past the garden bed with the miniature melons and caught a whiff. The scent of a ripe melon! upon closer inspection  the little fruit fell off the stem into my hands. Oh my thought I, surely it wont taste good, it's only the size of a softball after all, not nearly the 2 pound fruit it was supposed to be.

I cut the melon in half, hmmmm... it looks good. And then I took a tentative taste. This my friends was the best tasting melon I'd had in an age. It tasted like candy! Amazing! Hurrah!

I saved the rest of the melon for Pony Girl, who did in fact agree that it was most delicious.

Though in the scheme of things it was truly the tiniest of miracles, I'll take it. It's the everyday little happy surprises that make for a happy life.


Flaming Nora said...

Hurrah for miracles large and small!

sustainablemum said...

How wonderful! There is something special and amazing about growing food for yourself, it usually tastes so much better :)

Jennifer Hays said...

Awesome! I've never tried growing melons but I looove to eat them.

Frances said...

What a grand surprise! I love the way that you describe your original hope and wishes at the time of planting. And the wait. And the "growing" evidence that perhaps you would not have a melon crop.

And then...just passing by. Keeping an eye on these melon patch...a ripe little melon drops right into you hand to say hello.

I do think that there might be a children's picture book story in this melon tale.


Ashley cramp said...

Ahhh that is amazing.....nature has so many gifts for us!
d x