Friday, September 12, 2014

A Wedding in the Woods

We were there the day they met...

Last weekend our family attended a beautiful wedding in the woods. The marriage of two of our dear friends was an occasion for joy and celebration. It took place at the lovely Mazama Lodge at Mt Hood. What a perfect setting on the most gorgeous blue bird day!

I was invited by the couple to be a back up photographer for the event. It was such a pleasure to take in the sights and capture a few precious moments.

I loved so many of the details of the event.

The simple mix of colorful flowers in mason jars and the clean lines of the tables fit in so well with the room and style of the couple.

The great room of the lodge is amazing. Rustic woodland setting paired with giant windows to let in the light. Isn't the ceiling wonderful highlighted by the bare bulb type string lights?

One of my favorite details was the table seating chart attached to the mantle of the giant stone fireplace. Each table number is accompanied by a string of photos. You find your photo to know where you are sitting. It was so much fun to see all of the photos too!

I also loved the hand stitched cocktail napkins for cocktails and appetizers on the great porch after the ceremony.

This was my favorite moment from the wedding, one that only I and the other 2 photographers got to see. The couple decided to meet on the balcony alone (but for us taking pictures) before they walked down the aisle together with their family. As the couple saw each other dressed in their wedding finery, they embraced with tears in their eyes and smiles on their faces. I'm getting a little teary just writing about it. Such a precious moment between two of the greatest people. I felt so honored to be a witness.

What a great day!

Now I'm off to go through the other 150 or so photos for editing. Have a wonderful weekend all!


Floss said...

How beautiful! All the best to the happy couple, and thanks for sharing such a wonderful day with us.

sustainablemum said...

What a beautiful wedding. I love the basket of napkins :)

Jennifer Hays said...

What a beautiful wedding. I really love the wildflower bouquets, that is such a nice look.

Ashley cramp said...

me too tears at the ready! how is the bestest!
d x