Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Oh Hello!

Oh goodness, here I am! Playing catch up after last week's mayhem. You know how those go right? One member of the clan gets sick, another gets sick, and another needs a tooth pulled and it all falls apart. Nothing too serious, but it turns the house upside down. Then all on the mend we had the long weekend and...

In any case, we are on the road to rights with some crazy nice weather that has tricked the flora into thinking it's Spring. Blossoms on trees, daffs in brilliant yellow and of course a little Crocus Pokus going on.

It's lovely, though a bit disorienting knowing how cold it is in other parts of the country. What's the weather like where you are?


Flaming Nora said...

It's amazing how quickly life can become an avalanche.

Debby said...

Zero temps. C o l d and snow.

jabbott said...

Feels like spring by day winter by evening time in Nottingham x

Frances said...

Here in NYC, it's still below freezing, but we were happy to see...Here comes the sun, today.

Cheering, if not warming. I took care of errands, including a subway ride down to the farmers market, to buy some apples, from my favorite farm stand. I knew that despite the chill, they would be there and ...just wanted them to know how much I do appreciate their being there.

Blocking a completed Hap shawl this evening, following excellent advice from its designer, Kate Davies.

So glad that my apartment is cosy. xo

anjandrozeitlos said...

Good Morning
Here in Immendorf,it s the sky grey. But Yesterday, the sun was shine and it was so wonderfull. The spring ist coming, but not so fast.
Have a nice day