Monday, February 9, 2015

Hello Monday - Hello Dolly

I am approaching this Monday with considerably less grace and benevolence than last week . It's dumping rain, the cupboards are bare, and I'm just not feeling it. It's alright, it will pass and all will be well again. For today though, the song Rainy Days and Mondays is on repeat in my head.

This weekend I did get a special request. So I stitched up a dolly using this very basic pattern. Next time (if ever there is a next time... a doll maker I am not) I will draft my own pattern to tweak the things I think could use tweaking. I whipped up an outfit on the fly getting input and direction from Pony Girl.  Once it was finished, I was informed that she needed to be a mermaid too!

There you go kiddo! Dolly is nameless as of yet. She should be named and off on numerous adventures after school today.


Anonymous said...

She is just lovely and I would call her Miranda if she came to me... I wonder what she will be called?

Frances said...

Your recounting of your Monday has given me a smile on a chilly Tuesday. Is this a way to tell you that you've made some excellent "lemonade?"

The little mermaid is a cutie. Have you ever heard of the Mermaid Parade held in Brooklyn's Coney Island every summer? Lots of free style imagination on display there.