Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A trip to Bountiful - via the garden

In my last post I mentioned a busy life, there is always something that needs doing and I think we have that in common. We all have our own busy and pressing matters, to-doing, running hither and yon, etc. Part of my busy this Summer was the garden, not bad as pressing matters go really. Ultimately satisfying and very delicious, still sometimes you just can't figure out how to get it all done. You see, when a garden comes on, it often comes on all at once!

This Summer we had record breaking heat, which resulted in our first bumper crop of tomatoes in years. So far we have harvested about 50 pounds of heirloom tomatoes from 3 plants. Amazing and so tasty, yet a bit overwhelming. Oh but look at those beauties! Nothing like a fresh tomato from the garden. Oh, and the chilies, good gravy we have roasted a lot of chilies this summer!

We also grew tomatillos, An experiment really - that ended up combining nicely with the chilies to make some tomatillo salsa. Oh Summer in the garden...

And now we have figs. So many figs! Our tree is drooping under the weight of their sweet soft goodness. I have been inviting passers-by to help themselves as I still have fig preserves in the larder from last year. Figs coming out of my ears I tell you!

Lastly, our new brood of backyard chickens have at last laid an egg! A teeny tiny egg sure, but no less exciting. I haven't sussed out which one is the layer of said egg yet. So looking forward to having fresh eggs again. Hooray!

So concludes this episode of "In The Garden." Are you growing anything?

In my next post you might actually get to see a spot of sewing, will wonders never cease?


chriswreckage said...

Those tomatoes look incredible!!

Frances said...

Gosh, this post is so filled with summer garden bounty!

It looks as if you have been putting your produce to wonderful use.

Not only tomatoes, basil but figs! When I was younger, so much younger than today, I was fortunate to be introduced to my boyfriend's Italian grandmother who was an excellent cook. In the backyard of the building she owned, was a fig tree. I learned that this was a tradition for Italians who settled in New York.

I cannot look at a fresh fig without thinking of my fortune to meet that remarkable lady, and also to have some nostalgia, a bit of melancholy, about a long ago time.

See what your beautiful photograph has summoned up?


silverpebble said...

Wowsers trouser Alex IS THAT BASIL? It's like a sort of wonderful forest. YOUR TOMATOES. Heavens to Betsy, bounty is right. What a post. What veg. I have flowers this year - that's all, but Mr M's yellow submarine and beef tomatoes are things of beauty. They're triffid-like and youngest counted over 300 fruit. Oh and the dress is still bringing joy xx

Flaming Nora said...

Not much by the way of produce from our garden this year, but I am falling more in love with our chickies in a daily basis!