Monday, September 14, 2015

Sewing in the past

I didn't mean to disappear last week. It was not by my choosing, but rather due to a house wide plague that settled in upon us. Terrible thing a stomach bug, no good at all! I'm happy to report that we are all back to standing on our feet and feeling like human beings again.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming:

I was having a rummage through my sewing patterns and took out a few of the vintage ones. Now, it's not just styles that have changed over the years, sizing and body measurement requirements have changed quite a bit as well. For instance, that sweet dress in the middle above is a size 18 US. and if it were a modern day pattern it would in theory be a little big on me in areas. The package says that for a size 18 the bust measurement guide says 38" and waist at 30", yeah, that's not gonna fit me. A current pattern (among the major US brands) has the body measurements for a size 18 at 40" bust and 32" inch waist. That's a 2 inch jump. Interesting.

These wont fit me either, but I kind of want to sew them up any way, how groovy is that pantsuit? By the 70's measurements were beginning to change on patterns. Still, while I wear a 12 - 14 generally, according to this size 14 pattern, I would require a 27" waist. I haven't had a 27" waist since my first year of high school. Ah well. Any one out there with a slim figure who wants a fabulous custom made jumpsuit?

It's possible that the poncho would fit and the cape would totally work. Everyone should have a cape in their wardrobe, am I right? Fortunately, the Big 4 pattern companies here in the US have now reproduced a selection of their vintage patterns in modern sizing and larger sizes as well. Of course I have yet to see them put out that pantsuit pattern.

I actually have plans for sewing up another vintage pattern that I found in my stash. It wont fit me either, but I think it might lead to some groovy inspiration.

Happy Monday all!


Miss Merry said...

I have some really groovy 70's patterns myself. I am sure they will never be used again, but I just can't bear to part with the memories. One is a certain mini skirt with six panels (for flare) and an elastic waist. I think I used to whip up one a week! First time I ever matched plaids. Memories!

Frances said...

I gave lots of my vintage patterns to the Design Team of the clothing company for which I've worked for thirteen years. I think at least a few of the designers appreciate the potential of that collection. Although it's been quite a while since I made all my clothes, I still have held on to some favorite patterns.

Your cape pattern is the second cape reference I have seen on line this morning. The first reference was over at Net-a-Porter. Apparently, this year capes are Big.


Christine said...

Great patterns. I don't think modern pattern sizing is right either. I'm several sizes different in patterns and ready to wear