Tuesday, October 4, 2016

One Crazy Summer

It is officially Autumn. School is in full swing, the weather has shifted and suddenly I'm in the mood to bake bread.

Apologies to those who have left comments and questions in the last few months and have not received reply, it's been one crazy summer!

It has also been an Instagram Summer

The garden ran wild this year, with big harvests and the putting by.

I spent a good many days in my Big Mac overalls, plundering the garden and processing my harvest. I think the dehydrator ran days and days at a time without let up; along with my paring knife.

This one, this kid: She started Summer out in pigtails headed off to Forest Fishing Camp, got a Summer hair cut, spent over a week in the Midwest channeling Esther Williams, grew a couple of inches, and can now wear my old vintage dresses and look amazing!

There were adventures...

watching many evenings come on in the back yard...

and flowers.

My sister and her dog Gypsy came to stay for a bit. We gathered many herbs, concocted potions/balms, sang many songs, laughed a lot, and reconnected in a lovely way.

Well, I guess that pretty much catches us up to date. 

So, what have you been up to?


Frances said...

Oh Lola Nova, I've been wondering where you'd been.

What a lovely quick, quick, quick post this is to fill us in on your summer goings on.

Garden, Daughter Transformation, flowers, outdoors, Sisters together, just so much joy!

You are a fine ambassador for Instagram, a place that many friend are encouraging me to visit with them.

May I please leave you questions as I near my first smartphone purchase? Which phone do you use and which data plan ...and why. Gosh that sounds like a home work essay assignment, but I would truly appreciate any info you would share with me.

Welcome back...you've been missed. xo

Red River Interiors said...

I'm loving your pics... The fruit and your plantings are inspiring as well as beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Such a crazy summer around here too! I hope I can get to vegetable garden next year, I've really enjoyed seeing the progress of yours through Your IG posts!

My Patchwork Katt said...

must say i loved seeing your food drying successes. and as a mom of 2 girls myself - your young lady looks to be an amazing young woman and probably growing up way too fast. (they do that you know) and she does look awesome in the vintage dress. :)