Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sketches of Festivity

I was feeling a little badly about my Bah Humbug attitude yesterday. I am looking forward to the holiday, just not the actual traveling part. Since we are traveling, I just haven't had the spirit in me to decorate the house. We wont have a tree, which seems to be the excuse I am using for not even trying to festive up the joint. Then my girl said she wanted to make cookies, and I thought that might be the place to start. Festive indeed, and messy - hurray! The cookies led to a fire in the fireplace after dinner, which led to hot chocolate with whipped cream and eating of said cookies (well not all 3 dozen of them), which then led to one string of twinkly lights on the mantel. Hey, it's something, right?

All of this merry making finally reached a crescendo with my girl performing the most amazing interpretive dance to Miles Davis' Sketches of Spain. Now that's the spirit!


Claire MW said...

OH Yummy!!! Now you put me in a mood to bake. But alas, I have exams to study for. No baking for me until after the 18th. Grumble...why did I have to go back to school at such a horrendously late stage of life?

Claire MW said...

by the way, last night we washed the mom angora goat. Her fleece is lovely. I hope to include some in the felt for you in spring. So soft and curly.

stacebro said...

I miss you so much!!