Monday, December 8, 2008

Felt Ornaments

The holiday is quickly approaching and I am finally getting to some of the making. It's all about felt these days, felt ornaments to be precise. Eight down and 10 more to go, plus all the other projects on the list. If I could borrow some elves, now that would be great.This little hen needs some company, a small flocks worth would be dandy.My favorite so far are the little soft trees. I plan on making a few more of these since I have decided to keep these first two for myself.Turns out these are quite popular this year. There is even a flickr group dedicated to them. They are pretty quick to make up and their simplicity appeals to me. These stacking cone trees (photo of work in progress) are really easy to make, they don't even require sewing. If you were looking for a no-sew project, you could easily use glue instead. This would be a great project to do with kids. I made mine out of felt of course, but here are some lovely examples of these using fabric scraps by Sarah, of The Small Object. She even includes a downloadable template.

So, I will carry on and hope to meet my quota. More felt matryoshkas in my future, more owls, more little trees and the moon and stars perhaps.


Claire MW said...

OH! Oh! oh! I LOVE the hen! She is adorable! And owls? I love owls. I would love to buy some hens and owls from you. I think you need an Etsy shop or something. How can I convince you to sell me a hen?!

Lola Nova said...

Tell you what, I will make you a barter. One hen and one owl in exchange for a little hand felted wool come shearing season. Send me your address (snail mail) through and I will do my darndest to get them to you by Christmas.
After all, I've been calling the hen "Rosie the Riveting".