Thursday, December 4, 2008

Long Days Journey

Sometimes days take on a certain flow, they go their own way despite our best intentions or attempts to contain or control them. Yesterday was such a day. I had intended to post something crafty, having to do with a crazy self-imposed "Ornament A Day" making 'till we left on our vacation deal. Well, I'm two ornaments short already. I'll make it up later, or not.
Instead, yesterday was a swift current taking me along for the ride. While I am a fairly open person, I do keep much of the personal a little close to the vest; I am protective of my family and myself. Sometimes though, I realize what is often personal and private, can also be communal - in a "we are all connected" kind of way. If we choose to share some stories, we can perhaps reach out and help others feel less alone. Or maybe, it is really ourselves that need to feel less alone by telling our stories.
My sweet girl went through over two hours of testing yesterday. Through our county's Early Childhood Development program (a wonderful service, full of great folks). We met with three specialists, a speech pathologist, a motor development person and a special Ed. teacher. While my girl was put through the paces in Assessment, Evaluation and Programming System for Infants and Children (AEPS); The Battelle Developmental Inventory (BDI); The Preschool Language Scale(PLS-4); and other fine motor, cognitive, language, gross motor evaluations and a sensory profile...I was answering many questions and filling out many forms. True to form, my girl was a trooper, only occasionally coming over to check in with me or to tell me "I love you Mama," and as always, she made it through with a decent helping of humor. The people we worked with were wonderful and kind. Still, it was draining and a little overwhelming to be suddenly surrounded by specialists in a hot little room while watching your child be evaluated.

There is no doubt that my girl is a smart one, there are just some areas that she needs some extra help. A lot of it has to do with sensory processing, something I wont go into because I am not so sure that I have the ability to explain it properly, nor do I have the energy to try right now. So, my job as a parent is to help my girl get the tools she needs to be happy and successful, as well as the tools for myself to better guide her. She has an amazing spirit this kid! While some would describe her as intense, a handful, challenging, dramatic and stubborn. They would also describe her as enthusiastic, funny, clever, full of gusto, fearless, charming, loving and sweet. Yesterday morning I was so humbled by her and so proud. I felt so blessed that this child is my great and wild love.

Then as evening came on, we looked out into the pink cloud sky and my girl said, "Thanks for painting them pink mama, it's my favorite color."

Oh wait! Then there was the bird rescue.

Our cat, who isn't particularly good at catching birds on any given day, caught this one. Normally I wouldn't intervene, but this poor thing was being tortured too long for my comfort and I had to rescue it. This was a thrilling turn in my daughter's opinion. I tried to warn her that the bird might not make it (I have learned from experience) but she was certain the bird would be fine. So after some frantic chases through the house, the bird finally made it into the towel lined box and drank some water from my finger. Shortly after a little rest, my daughter declared that the bird was fine and needed to fly away. Lo' and behold, all this time I thought the bird had a broken wing, but off into the night it did fly. Safe home little bird.
...and safe journey to us all.


Claire MW said...

Sounds like the day was more difficult for you than for your daughter and the bird. Sometimes it's miserable being the adult in the situation and having the 30,000 foot view on things.

Wishing you smooth sailing ahead.

Lola Nova said...

Yes, the day was quite top heavy with symbolism, but today has been ballast and peaceful waters.
Thank you so much

Anonymous said...

I love what your daughter said about painting the clouds. In her eyes, mama can do anything: from saving a bird to caring for her each day to painting the clouds pink.