Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Side Of The Bed

I recently had a brief flirtation with a piece of property. I came across it's enchantment via craigslist. Was it love at first sight? 5 acres and a 1918 farmhouse with a shop, extra outbuildings, and fields - fields people, come on! I felt the quickening pulse, the shallowness of breath, the palpable longing and a desire awakened. Resistance was futile, I was hooked. I imagined a future idyllic, this property and I, oh the magic we would make. So caught up was I, that I called the owners and crafted a meeting. As the appointment drew closer, my family and I discussed the pros and cons, the lifestyle differences and the realities of taking on such a fantasy. As we drove into the country, winding our way along the river, I wondered to myself, "What do I really know about this land?". "I don't know you at all. Are you good? Are you a heart breaker? How will I feel when we meet?"
The moment of truth before me, I stepped out onto the gravel drive in my rain boots, as the crunch reached my ears I realized, I don't believe in love at first sight. This was a clear case, pure and simple, of lust. I had me a little bit of land lust for a spell. It was a fun rush for a minute but, I was glad to come home.

So, I thought I would do a post about my little house. There are so many things I love about it. Today's post is about a small slice of my home. My side of the bed. I love this intimate corner of my universe, it makes me happy.

I dare you to post about your side of the bed, include a picture. If not your side of the bed, then another little snap shot of what makes where you live Home. Come on all you bloggers, I dare ya!


Claire MW said...

I am definitely up for the challenge! It might not be right away, but I will do it, I promise! Although I really am sad that it was a passing lust on the farmhouse. Your girl would love playing with the chickens and the lambs... ;-)

Lola Nova said...

Claire, the pictures I saw looked much better than the actual property. It was too close to the main road and had some problems, so that's why I could walk away knowing it wasn't the right place :)Which is good, we really aren't in a position to move now. Someday...

diane said...

'land lust' cracked me up.
home is where the heart is.

and you won't believe this - this is so weird- but i've already written and scheduled my post for tomorrow (i actually wrote it last night and scheduled it for tomorrow)- anyway--it is about something i found on my husband's side of the bed! i swear to god!
i've also been thinking about your 'creative space' post and i am thinking about painting my 'office' downstairs and giving it a makeover.
and i still want to chat with you about bartering too!

Unknown said...

Trust me, you don't want to see pictures of any side of my bed, or my office. Just ask Diane!

Ahhh, digneti is my word!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh god, my side of the bed is so sad and neglected. You've inspired me to work on it!