Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July in the Garden

Summer love...

This is a photo intensive post, showing off the best bits of the flora here at the cottage. I am coming to realize that the pictures I most enjoy taking, are of the garden. So, breathe deep and stroll through the fruit and flowers.

...and some of the harvest.
Shallots and garlic hanging in the larder.
Baby new potatoes of all sorts.


Maevy said...

Great pictures, nature always gives the best subjects. Oh, and I love that cool chick in your new banner!

Unknown said...

Mmmm, now I'm hungry. Is that Fran in the banner? Terrific picture, my creative friend!

Nancy in Atlanta (for about 3 more weeks, then it's off to Iowa with Diane!)

Lola Nova said...

Mom L,
Thanks and yes, that is Fran- she's a big girl now.

You must be excited for your move, I hope it all goes well.

Claire MW said...

Just love the new header picture. Those potatoes look fab. I really loved the green of the basil. Looks like your lilies are out too! Hooray for garden season!

Mare said...

Your garden is just gorgeous! I see you love your basil too! It's my absolute favorite herb! And i'll bet those potaotes taste delicious!

diane said...

love your flora! i love the last potato pic too!

Adorebynat said...

Love the pictures! You remind me of my parents who love gardening and take pictures of their flowers and fruits. And those potatos...look so yummy. :-)

Basil said...

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