Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Watcha Wearing Wednesday

I keep forgetting to do this so...I just ran outside and snapped a photo.
Badly scuffed red nail polish on my summer feet and a skirt I made from this amazing vintage seer sucker my mom found for me.

Ta da!


diane said...

i'm still wearing the same thing i was wearing yesterday.


love the skirt! and trashy toes ;0

Mare said...

Your toes look better than my toes...

Unknown said...

your toes do match the skirt, at least! My toes don't have any color - bland. blah. Di - hope you change your clothes by tomorrow.

Nancy in Atlanta (for 4 more weeks)

Claire MW said...

Great toes! Much cleaner than mine, having been in the barnyard. Love the seashell print!