Monday, September 21, 2009

Time to Chop Wood

Last week I got up to none of my usual craftiness, what with the 'little miss' starting up preschool again (2 hours 3 times a week) and my man gone on a most manly adventure (hiking to a secret lake in the wilderness with a pal), I've been all a-spin, hands full, feet a-flutter and plum tuckered out.
Well, now that fall is falling, my fingers are beginning to jump - waiting to tackle some 'handi-work'.

Time for embroidery. An art I would very much like to become more adept at. I have worked the blanket stitch to all it's ends and there are so many lovely stitches I have yet to grasp.

A few years ago, I had a brief fling with yarn and hook known as 'The Crochet Affair of 2006'. It was over just as it had begun, impetuously tossed aside and nearly forgotten. Lately, I have been seeing so many lovely specimens of crochet - that I am considering giving my old fling a ring and suggest we get together over tea. Perhaps when we meet, we can discuss where it all went wrong, attempt a reconciliation and try again. I am cautiously hopeful.

What are your fall into winter plans?


A Bun Can Dance said...

Oooh, I see you are itching to get started on those cosy tasks- but maybe the axe is just a little too scary??
Hey, as for the Utmost Challenge, you could have 'essential appliances' as exceptions for your challenge.... just a thought. Like you, this is pretty much how we live anyway, but it will help to keep me away from the the glossy high street stores too.
Have a fab week!
D x

Debra said...

Ah yes...give him or her ...tee hee ...a ring...worth it for'll see! Once conquered all hell is loose. Spring time here, although you would have thought it was the heat trap of hell yesterday and so little rain came form it. Any rain there? We'll have it, send it on over. Hopefully it will slip back into typical Spring weather once the little (i hope) heat wave is over. Time to shed the winter growth and hit the beach...i'm intrigued with what you are going to embroider..:)

Pomona said...

Even more knitting! Especially socks and gloves - and try to eat into my stash. Maybe Dottie Angel's challenge is what I need - I will have to fall back on existing resources for a year, rather than buying more than I have time to do!

Pomona x

lifeshighway said...

I admit it. I am a mass crochet-er. Been doing the crochet thing since I was little. My mom taught me and I taught my daughter. I have books and patterns galore and secret stashes of yarns.

Pipany said...

Must be a theme going on in blogland as a few of us have blogged about time! Thnak you sdo much for popping by my blog. Off for a read through yours now x

diane said...

um. is there anything you can't do?
i can't even make the stupid sock monkey from the kit i ordered.

Pia K said...

i do love that ax photo (and i hope that doesn't make me crazy?), the embroidery looks adorable (haven't done it myself for years but i seem to recall i have several, ahem, projects tucked away pending somewhere...) and of course you should make a serious go at crocheting it is so much fun!!

my plans for autumn (the crafty bit) probably involves finishing some knitting/crocheting projects and trying not to but new yarn but using up the too much i already have (how does that happen?). i'd like to do something out of my ordinary rut of shawls and scarfs plethora...