Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Whatcha Wearing Wednesday... and a thank you

So, the smallish one has decided to get in on the WWW fun.
One sateen cape/curtain
One satin princess dress by Lola Nova
One Tulle puffy skirt by Lola Nova
Puddle Boots (on the wrong feet) handed down
Purple and White Dahlia hair embellishment from the garden

To all of you who stopped by via the creative spaces on kootoyoo, thank you for dropping in and leaving a note about my creative space. It was lovely to hear from all of you and I am looking forward to exploring your creative spaces as well.

To all of you dear folks who helped me through my silly goose identity crisis concerning the name game, I thank you! It's awfully nice of you all to let me ramble and use this place as a sounding board. And yes, I have fully embraced Lola Nova as the one true name. I also thank you for not laughing and pointing (at least not so I could hear or see), though I am pretty sure one of you rolled your eyes dramatically.
You all are tops!

I will be back with news from the studio soon.


lifeshighway said...

Most kids have to make do with a towel cape. Creative types have kids who are creative and use sateen curtains. She is more like a pretty princess with super powers.

Anonymous said...

Awesome outfit - I want an adult sized version!!!! Glad you decided to keep the name :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Renaissance Princess!!!

Anonymous said...

BTW, I've been wondering: do you think she'll be too old for Chicken Little? Would she wait?

Lola Nova said...

Ha ha :)
Well, her mother did marry a younger man so...I guess you never know.

Anonymous said...

ummm this is why Im glad to be having a son!
great dress ln
by the way my word verification for this post is "fleabark"
how funny is that

Lola Nova said...


No kidding! My husband has vowed that when she turns dating age, he's going to greet "the little thugs" at the door wearing a wrestling singlet yelling, "ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE?"

He figures it'll scare 'em off.

My poor girl.

Mare said...

Ohhh I love that little Princess! What a sweetie!!!

diane said...

i can't get enough of that cute little stella bella. adorable costume as usual!

also- when mr. nova greets the thugs he should yell, "ground and pound!"

ps- my word verification is 'popho'- not as funny as fleabark.