Monday, October 12, 2009

Big Doings

There were big doings going on over at the cottage and in the city this weekend. Seeing as the sun was shining and not knowing how long it would last, we decided to throw a little welcome to fall BBQ on Saturday. The 'Summer Tent' was all dressed up in bunting and quilts, the tables laid with cloths and candles, and folks were wearing their cozy vests in the crisp October afternoon.

As evening fell and the temperature dropped, a fire was laid in the pit and we all gathered 'round to swap stories while our skin chapped in the cold.

On Sunday morning we made our way down to The Convention Center for Wordstock, an annual event of writers reading their works, workshops, book signings and other literary goings on.

We heard my friend Stacey read from her book, wonderful as ever! We caught one other poet and would have liked to see more but, the wee lass had been very patient for well over an hour and thought it best to head out while everyone was still in good spirits.

Later that afternoon, it was with wistful industry that we took down the 'The Summer Tent'. With a real change in the weather upon us, we cleaned up the yard and settled into the change of season with a fire in the fireplace, hot cocoa with cream and me with a hook in hand practicing and hoping for even stitches.


Floss said...

Wonderful! I love the sound of your autumn celebrations. We are still having hot Sundays, so Sunday lunch in the garden (with or without friends) has been a lovely event over the last few weeks. We keep on wondering how long this will last, especially as Mondays have been rainy and windy for the whole of October.

Wordstock sounds great.

Pomona said...

Well, it was over a month ago we had to haul the holiday sofa inside - a tent in October sounds pretty cool to me! It has turned really chilly here, and my hands are freezing. I am hoping to be allowed a fire very soon - the Head Chef is very protective of his woodpile, and at the moment it is for B&B guests only. Maybe if he comes home to find me in my coat he might relent!

Pomona x

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

Nice weekend! I like what I can glimpse of your summer tent. It's quite gray here in San Francisco today...

Pia K said...

a bbq and fire to welcome autumn sounds lovely! and wordstock, well beyond lovely i have to say!

your bunting is very pretty and so similar to one i made in summer, though in linen and lace. is it scary or just wonderful that so many creative ideas swirl around share themselves all over the hemisphere...:) have a happy week
ps. don't worry about being a late letter writer, i am too, i keep writing in my head, but getting very little stuck on paper. i blame the tardiness on the unusualness of actual writing a proper letter. on paper. again. ds

. said...

A FIREPIT...that sounds amazing! I have visions of you all tribal dancing around it before you retire to your tent, awesome fun.
Have a great week, x

A Bun Can Dance said...

Ah, what a wonderful post. Your weekend sounds full of the joy of the changing seasons. What an amazing photo of the fire! And then to come home and sit beside a cosy fire with hot chocolate and crochet sounds even more dreamy!
In your comment over at mine, you mentioned that your wool stash is small - I would happily look out for your favourite colours/yarns here and send them onto you - just send a wish list this way!
Happy days to you
Denise x

Aussie-waffler said...

That all sounds so wonderful, just as we begin to welcome in warm summer evenings. Sometimes I forget that these lovely blogs are from all around the world, isn't the blogosphere an amazing place ? :)