Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday On My Mind

Well, it's been quite a week! The shop has been open a little over a week, I have had 2 sales and was featured on a Treasury, I feel pretty good about that. I was laid out by the sickness but, I am almost all better. I have made 6 loaves of bread, 2 dozen chocolate chip cookies, an apple pie and mountains of dishes.

2 weeks with the "challenge of the utmost kind", has found me in tip top shape, with no ill side effects what so ever. Easy peasy so far. When confronted yesterday by a shredded bedroom curtain (I do believe a certain wee lass and a particular Buddha cat share the blame), with no time to stitch up a replacement, no need to fret...throw an old lace tablecloth up and we're in business.

I'm all worded out so, I bid you fond adieu until Monday. Have a lovely weekend my sweets!


Pomona said...

I am glad that you have had a good week - the lace looks lovely at the window. You have a good weekend, too!

Pomona x

Floss said...

Clever lace curtain - I love it!

Thanks for your nice comments over the week. The ginger bikkies go well in the freezer, so I often freeze them in batches and take them out when I'm visiting a friend, or whatever.

I try to blog every day (but don't succeed) because my mum, at home in the UK, is very ill, and we've found that the blog is the best way of giving her something cheerful to think about every day. I love the way that I've made lots of new friends too, and my mum loves seeing my 'social networking'!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

I rather like the lace tablecloth/curtain! And you can be certain, no one else has one like it!

lifeshighway said...

I love the lace curtain. It gives your window a lovely warmth.

Becky said...

Dang! busy woman! Hope you have a relaxed weekend!