Friday, October 23, 2009

Tom Waits For No One

Hey, it's nice to see your name on a poster, as long as it's not a WANTED poster.
I was invited to sing at a benefit for a fellow musician who was hit by a car while riding his bike. He's alright thank goodness, but the medical bills are big and well...he's a musician so can use all the help.

I just received the poster this morning. It will be a night of Tom Waits tunes played by some wonderfully talented folks. If you happen to be in Portland on November 19th come on down. Hey, it's a whole lot better than a stick in the eye!

Have a wonderful weekend all!


Anonymous said...

Hope its recorded hint hint
AND CONGRATS!!! You know how Tom and I are. What are you gonna sing?

Lola Nova said...

I S*** you not, my friend. I'm singin' Gun St. Girl (don't know what I was thinking on that one, difficult) and either Mocking Bird or Time.
In Dec. I'm doing my 3rd straight year at a John Prine night to benefit a music program for low income kids. It's a hoot!

Mare said...

WOW! Seems i learn something new about you almost every time i read this blog! That is so cool! I WISH i lived closer because you know i would be there, clapping and yelling my heart out!(maybe it's a good thing i live far away, huh?)

Anonymous said...

Well in spite of ourselves I am also a john prine fan, but diane does like her eggs all runny..

Floss said...

Wow - that's going to be great! I'm back in the land of Blog, but this time on an AZERTY keyboard, which makes life interesting...

I love your little dollshouse shelves, as I have just placed a French dollshouse armoire above the computer desk and am wondering what to put on it... buttons seems a good idea!

Anil P said...

Few things can beat the high of participating together for a cause. How is the fellow musician doing?