Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Blogger? I hardly know her!

Like me, I am sure you too, have come across an article or two out in blog town concerning the subject of the 'blogger identity', or even the 'blogger personality crisis'. Having to do with what we choose to share of ourselves, about ourselves and around ourselves - on our blogs. Are we "Keeping It Real?" or are we selective in our choices, showing perhaps, a more shiny version of ourselves?

I read about the struggle of some who are torn about revealing some hardship or personal insight. I have heard about the seeking of balance, of creating a space to make things light, to help the writer remember to see joy in the everyday. I have found some folks, who after bearing their souls in the darkest of times, claim that doing so saved their lives (or at least their sanity). And in my own odd bird way, I can relate to all these things.

I recently found myself with my own wee struggle of the blogging kind. I was feeling torn between devotion and doubt, dizzy from the vertigo of my worrying ways, and suffering a general malaise. Then, just as I was getting completely fed up with myself...

I should warn you, I am about to have a little mush session right about now. I'm not saying you need a sweet vintage hankie, but perhaps a handy post-it note to dab at your eye.

...a couple of blogging buddies extraordinaire, really the dearest of friends, came forward with some well thought out, as well as thought provoking advice. Along with advice, they gave support, candor, wisdom, levity, understanding, kindness, and they gave their time (a most precious commodity these days). I even received an email from a long time blog friend, though she was unaware of my malaise, that showed so much care and compassion, that it moved me deeply. What struck me so thoroughly and viscerally, was the feeling of the faith that they had in me. It has humbled me, eased my mind and invigorated my spirit. I thank you.
and all of you who keep coming to visit me, it is a wonder!

Now that I am all re-invigorated and feeling warm and fuzzy...
I'm ready to inject some happy into the mix, bring some color back into the day and do a little hop-skip-jump (or a "shuffle-ball-change" for you tap enthusiasts) around here.

So, I've decided to have a little "getting to know you" party. I am going to answer some questions I have received from others (and some questions I just made up 'cause I want to), address some inquiries and share a few tidbits about myself. Save the date for this Friday. Dress is casual but, if you're feeling fancy go for it. I myself, will be wearing something frivolous. There will be tea, I leave it to you to bring your favorite nibble. When it's all done, I have some questions of my own for you.
Oh, and there will be a door prize!

I will be "keeping it real" and a little shiny, I like shiny.


lifeshighway said...

Count me in. I work during the day but I can pop over from time to time for a tea party.

Floss said...

I would not miss it for the world! I may be a bit erratic as to time (Friday's a big work day) but I'll be there at some point!

I actually managed to read your lovely words without recourse to my vintage hanky (white with blue flowers) which is a bit of a miracle in itself. I've suffered the blogger's problem you mention recently, in that I've been ill with some kind of thyroid-basd hormone imbalance, but not wanting to sound bad on my blog because of protecting my ill mum.

Today has been a wonder day because I got through it without crying, and actually tidied the house! I can't say that on my blog, but it's wonderful to be able to say it somewhere!

crzylady said...

I'm excited to get to know you :) What a wonderful idea! Especially as you and your lovely blog are one of the reasons I've become dedicated to my own little sphere of blogging and improving me life.

june at noon said...

A little shiny is never a bad thing. :)

I understand that struggle. For me it's more about being "real" but still protecting my family's (and my own) privacy where it counts. Tough line to walk. Good luck!

And I'm glad to hear you're feeling a little more colorful. :)

Pomona said...

I am still blaming January for everything, but I am glad you are overcoming any angst. Shiny is good, although I prefer wipe-clean to glittery - I had a red sequinned boob tube at age 17, before moving on to purple shiny lycra trousers, and I think it scarred me for life. And for me I think writing is therapy - not the confessional, but the constructing of a narrative out of the everyday. Writers have always been selective, even if autobiographical, and truth is relative anyway, so for me those things are not an issue - write what feels right is the most important thing.

A party sounds a good thing - I will be out at work on Friday, but I always take cake, and hope I can find some skivy time!

Pomona x

A Bun Can Dance said...

Ah, an interesting post. I guess we all blog for our own personal reasons, but clearly there's a shared need to communicate in some way. And whether bloggers tell us about their 'warts and all' or whether they keep it all upbeat - I don't mind - as long as the voice is true, authentic and clear - that's what matters.
I'm glad you've got through your tricky time and that you feel more positive now.
Looking forward to Friday - I'll wear something colourful and partylike!
Sending you warm virtual hugs for an easier time in the months to come,
Denise x

Vic said...

Oh I'll be here! Probably a bit late though... or early... I don't know, perhaps I should listen next time somebody tries to explain the time difference to me!

I must find something to wear!!

I think I must be terribley uninteresting, or shallow even, because I don't think about "what to share" at all - sometimes I don't have a clue what the day's post will contain until I sit down & start typing. I suppose I am lucky that I don't have any crisis posts to write right now, nothing to really worry about letting out into the big bad world, I mean really, the worst thing to happen to me lately has been a small delay in knowing whether we would buy our house or not, and if that is the worst thing I have to worry about... I should hardly be concerned.

Sure there are things I could delve into, from the past, just to show that I'm not, or haven't always been, all happy joy joy, but I get around that by thoroughly believing in the here & now & focusing my blog goings on in the future & the present.

I am ever so glad your bloggy buddies won you over, it is fair to say that I would be more than a little bit upset if you were to leave us... now that would be a dark & dismal post indeed!


Unknown said...

shiny is good... it can't be bad spending the odd half hour here and there choosing just to focus on the good things, the shiny things in your day, when all else is feeling a wee bit dull and a wee bit crap! remember your blog is your space to do with what you will... and i'm looking forward to getting to know a wee bit more about you... :)

ps ~ i love your hook book!

Pia K said...

even if blogging does a whole lot of good it isn't real life in the way that we have to/must/should share every little (possibly) sordid and sad detail of our lives, sometimes sharing the bad stuff (in a clever way) is really, really good in blog but in general i think it's just that you mentioned above foucs and try and see the good things in life when perhaps many things around us aren't that good. but sometimes a good rant is great!

denise put it so well above 'as long as the voice is true, authentic and clear', hear, hear to that!

i'm definitely popping in on friday, now i ponder which dress to wear, the dotty one or the winter favourite... ah decisions, decisions...;)

Lola Nova said...

You all have made me smile today, thank you for your thoughts and your wonderful comments.

I realize I have forgotten to take into account the different time zones but, I'm sure it will all come together just fine.

diane said...

is it friday yet?

Mom L said...

Oh, I'll definitely be there if it means I get to see you and Diane, my daughter!!!

Nancy in Iowa

dottie angel said...

oh what a wise lot above me :)

i do like a bit of shiny myself, i feel on most days when surrounded by drudgery and domestics that the only thing shiny is my blog. that's why i like to polish it frequently...
i'll be there on friday, if only to see pomona in her boobtube.
i noted on my evening of homevideo watching over the new year that i once donned a pair of skinny legged leather black pants. slightly to short... my clan fell about laughing upon seeing them. i however did not, for i saw what others might not... a mother of four young children aged 35 and fitting into skinny legged leather pants and from the waist down looking mighty 'olivia newton john' fine, if you ask me...
i no longer own them so sadly will not come dressed in leather, how ever i shall rustle around my little closet and see what 'gem' i can find for the occasion

glad you are feeling a little perkier... perky is nearly as good as shiny in my books :)

Floss said...

Am I too early? I could come in now if you're ready!

Story of my life...

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