Monday, December 6, 2010

Hello Monday - Holiday Nest

This weekend we brought home a little tree, pulled out the holiday box, untangled the twinkle lights, and set about feathering our holiday nest. It was a sweet time with my little family and I found myself getting just the tiniest bit giddy and skippy of heart. I was walking about the cottage in one of my singing moods.

Pony Girl was all a-wiggle with excitement and couldn't wait to be the first to put her very own special touch on the tree.
We keep things pretty homespun 'round here. We don't have many decorations; what we do have is either sentimental or, something homemade and often on the wonky side. Nothing matches but, it all goes together somehow.

As we opened up the holiday box and unwrapped each ornament, I started thinking about how many others were doing the same this weekend. I thought I would go visiting and see what the clever folks in blogland were up to. I wanted to see how they were getting ready for the season. Here is some of what I found.

by itchinstitchin
I love the delicate lace and crochet garland next to the rustic wood.

and dottie angel is always ready with a bit of joy

Nulka is creating a gorgeous daily album count down 'till xmas.

rainingsheep is so swank and stylish with the beautiful light coming through.

This tree of hearts by krafty_k just made me smile.

What are you doing to feather your holiday nest?


Sherri B. said...

And what a perfect Pony Girl 'special touch' it is.

Thanks for sharing links and photos of the others and their decorating..I will pay a visit during a coffee brake to get more inspiration.

Love your little scene with the light coming in the window..Sweet trees!

june at noon said...

Our nest is well feathered. I confess we have boxes and boxes of Christmas things collected over the years, and we decorate to the hilt. :) It's always fun to get the twinkle lights out, isn't it?

Itchin' Stitchin' said...

Awww Thanks for featuring my garland - I came to read about your families tree adventures and got the sweetest surprise. I love a homemade holiday :)

Colette said...

What a sweet selection, I wait until the week before to put up our decorations, I can hardly wait to get them up though. I like to add something new each year, homemade is always the best.

sabrina said...

I don't celebrate Christmas, but I spent Friday afternoon "cozying" up my living room. The decor is an eclectic mish mash of styles, and really needed some softening. Now its a little prettier, thanks to some candles, a pretty quilt, and a new furniture arrangement.

I love all the ideas you've featured though. Especially the tree of hearts. How sweet.

mel @ loved handmade said...

Sweet pictures, I love the hearts in the tree, and I love pony girls bright & cheery touch to your tree, gorgeous!

lifeshighway said...

Every tree should have at least one my little pony.

Paula said...

Lovely Christmas decorations and nest preparations. This is what we've been up to:

Paula xo

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

We did the very same thing.... we hunted down a tree- locally growing wild- not endangered species... and brought it home... Busy was SO excited to bet decorating I tell you- besdide herself. Ours is a bit wonky but i love it.

Mom L said...

I'm pretty slack since I live by myself and my gorgeous baby grandson is 1500 miles away, but I have always loved and treasured handmade ornaments. Over the years I purposely "helped" break - or gave away - standard ornaments. Somewhere in a box I still have ornaments Diane made oh, so long ago! And some darling ornaments made by friends. Hmmmm. Maybe one of these days I'll make some for others....!

Nancy in Iowa

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I love all the ideas you've featured though. Especially the tree of hearts. How sweet.