Monday, January 24, 2011

little bits

Little bits of vintage goodness.

This weekend was a wild ride, uppers...downers...turn-arounders. There was a small break in the weather, some troubling news, a baby-sitting swap with the neighbors, a difficult 3rd verse, and a tiny bit of vomit. There was also a 'Mad Men' themed company party for which, I broke out the red lipstick for the first time in years.

When this morning rolled in, it brought fog and a slightly unsettled feeling within me. After school drop off, I bravely faced the grocery market and fulfilled my duty as the keeper of the food. Coming home, I was thinking of some recent inspiration I came across here, and oh my goodness here, and definitely here. It occurred to me that I was in desperate need of some therapy. Fraulein Pfaff was waiting stoically in the studio, knowing I couldn't stay away.

I started gathering up little bits of vintage goodness...some received from lovely blog friends, some from sweet grannies, and some found on treasure hunts. Then it begins to happen, cutting and stitching and all the rest fades away. Yet, all the recent events, the inspiration from here, there, the buffet line at a Mad Men party, my longing for a bit of sunshine, the afternoon adventures of "Fleeto the Rabbit and his Horse with no Name"...all the little bits of life go into the dress I'm making.

By the time I have clipped my last thread, the sun is out, it's time for school pick up and I feel much better.

And now it's time to introduce you to a little something that Pony Girl calls, 'Rock N' Roll Modeling'!

Oh Yeah!

and check out her very first pair of Doc Martins, picked up for a song at the local thrift...with super cool miss matched laces, sweet!


Sherri B. said...

That little dress is so precious! I think I spy some familiar material too.

Pony Girl looks very happy with her new dress and I believe there may be some Ninja modeling thrown in for good cute.

Those Doc Martins were a great find..especially with the one of a kind laces.

Itchin' Stitchin' said...

LOL I love Rock 'N Roll modeling - I think everyone should pose like that for photos!! Love your vintage fabric choices on the dress.

'Joyce' said...

oh your dress is lovely. Those fabrics are beautiful. Rock and Roll posing is IN - I love it. I do hope your troubling news has faded away on one of those clouds now, and the sun is out and shining for you.

Flaming Nora said...

Rock and roll modelling, the way forward! Loving the D.M's and shades combo. Great patchwork dress. xx

Rachael @Mogantosh said...

Oh, hello, baby Doc Martins... they are seriously wonderful. Hooray for happy sewing. x

Kate said...

Love it all! The dress, the photo shoot and that it made you feel better. Also that I recognise one of the bits. Gorgeous stuff. X

Tania said...

Excellent. All round excellent. Especially mismatched laces. Oh, but perhaps not tiny bits of vomit and all that sort of thing.

Floss said...

Oh yeah!

Anonymous said...

Good old crafting therapy!
Love the dress, gorgeous fabrics. :)
How cool is that 'rock & roll' model!!! I'm soooo jealous of her Doc Martins, I've wanted Doc Martins my whole life and I've still not got them!
Vivienne x

Unknown said...

Love , love , love the dress ! Can you make me one but just a little bit bigger !

Vintage Tea Time said...

Great dress - great modelling! She's gonna have some fun in that outfit!

mel @ loved handmade said...

I LOVE your therapy & I lOVE pony girl in that dress!
..a little award headed your way, pop on over x

lifeshighway said...

The dress is really cute but the best part is Pony Girl rocking her modeling.

Катаринка said...

Платье просто шикарное ! Такие ткани ! Такие цвета !!!
А дочь у тебя просто ураган.)))
Моя Соня такая же .)))))

Mare said...

What a beautiful dress on that fantastic Model!

Bobo Bun said...

What a thrill to come home to a new dress and boots to rock in. One very lucky lady to have a mum who can whip something that good up.


june at noon said...

She is way too cute! That is such a pretty little dress, great fabrics, and I love the way she rocks it!

Snuskebassa said...

Fantastic dress! I would love to roam the countryside looking like that! Sweet model :-)

Colette said...

Just gorgeous - she rocks it so well!

harmony and rosie said...

So gorgeous, the combinations are stunning and I love the modelling! I'm desperate to do some sewing again, it's been so long. x

A Bun Can Dance said...

I love the dress and really think it would look amazing in an adult size ;-) Pony Girl's rock and roll modelling is such fun and energetic too - go Pony Girl !!
I looked at the links of inspiration you gave us, and yes, all such lovely dresses - no wonder you just had to sew!!
D x

Cathie said...

absolutely gorgeous Pony girl!
mum has done an amazing job.

loving the doc's aswell, I live in doc's my all time fave shoe.
We also bought Amelie her first pair of doc's for $1 when she was just born, she wears them now.

happy weekend Ms Lola Nova ♥

*❀* said...

so l♥ve the wild pony girl

and her outfit is great!! :o)

Aussie-waffler said...

Now I am seeing ther rocking, but where is the rolling ? Super cute pics of Miss Pony Girl and I love her mini Docs. x

diane said...

adorable. and so is the model as usual.
i thought of you a few days ago- i was at goodwill and there was an awesome bundle of vintage fabric-like retro cowboys and guitars....but was not very girlie at all for little pony.
i wanted to get it and send to you but i was afraid you'd think i wanted you to make something for henry out of it. (because i would have lol)

michelle said...

so very sweet. love it

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