Friday, January 3, 2014

I Promised Her Pink

When we decided to look in earnest for a new house, My husband and I talked about it with our girl. At first she was excited, then the next day she announced that she didn't want to move, because "our house has all the stuff and all of my memories!" There were a lot of conversations, reassurances, and promises that we would never, ever forget our life in The Little Green Cottage. We told a lot of stories about the years we lived there, it was the only home she had known, it was a big deal.

They say moving is one of the big deal stressful events in our lives as adults, it's true. It's a big deal scary thing for kids too. I did promise that she could decorate her new room however she wanted, and that I would help. I promised her pink.

So... moving house, big plans, bright ideas and then... reality. Our girl has fully embraced the new house. It only took a few days of exploring the garden and she was smitten. Still, 5 months on and she's picked out her paint colors and asking me, "So when are we going to paint my room? Like you PROMISED." I believe that it is vitally important to keep one's promises to children, that's why I don't make a lot of them. Sometimes my promises take a little longer to come to fruition, but I do make good.

The only "before" picture I could find. Drab olive green walls.

So, while she was away visiting grandparents recently, I got to work transforming her room. I had been taking notes for the last few months and knew the most important details; such as, there absolutely had to be a crystal chandelier!

I took down the old light fixture and wired a crystal chandelier in it's place. She also needed a reading light by the bed for those night time reading sessions. I installed a wall sconce over the bed.
There needed to be 'flowy" curtains. I added a strand of fairy lights behind the corner gauzy curtains for a little bit of extra magic.

To tame the overwhelming amount of pink going on, I added bits of turquoise throughout the room. The little dresser has belonged to me since I was 16, it has amazingly made it through years of moving and adventures.

The sweet desk came from my favorite neighborhood vintage shop. As it had a glass top, I placed a vintage embroidered runner (pink of course) under the glass along with some vintage Parisian ephemera that I printed from the computer. Our girl loves all things Paris!

And a horse of course, she's still Pony Girl through and through!

I had such a good time working on her room, in fact I kind of wanted to move in myself. Now, this is no magazine makeover. There wasn't any money in the budget for new bedding, a rug for the floor, or a bed frame. This is a real life DIY room makeover. With plenty of opportunity for our girl to make it truly her own and add to it down the line. It was a wonderful chance to show my daughter that I had been listening to her, what she wanted for a room of her own.

Oh, and yes, she loves it! She has been spending much more time in her room since she came home. That is a good sign I think. I promised her pink and now she's got it!

Now, for the rest of the house! Well, give me a year or so.

For those who want to know the nitty gritty:

Benjamin Moore paint in A Touch of Pink and Hydrangea Flowers beautiful colors!
Lighting, Turquoise desk chair, and curtains from IKEA
Horse poster from (I attached a poster to a blank artist canvas with polyurethane with a bit of wrinkling in the process. I painted the edges black)
Vintage Furnishings and Bedding = personal collection

Happy New Year All!


Flaming Nora said...

The angel wings above the desk are amazing. Did you make?

greenrabbitdesigns said... certainly gave her pink! :)

jabbott said...

I think you have done a really good job x

Penny said...

A brilliant job done to keep true to your promise, I am so pleased your girly loves it x

Jennie said...

So beautiful!!xx (and not tooo pink!)

Frances said...

What a lovely gift for your daughter...remembering your promise, but more than that, creating a lovely place that is just for her. And also giving her the possibilities of future adding to this room as her tastes and interests develop.

A very Happy New Year to you and yours...looks as if you all are off to a grand start.

Sherri B. said...

It turned out just perfect. I loved the photo you shared, on Instagram, of her first night in her pretty pink room, that sweet, happy face said it all.
Sometimes the best rooms come from shopping in our own closets and trunks and this was certainly the case with 'the perfect pink room'. xo

Ashley cramp said...

That is a stunning room and so very cool too... how wonderful that you really listened to what she wanted...A precious talent to have (i must do more listening in 2014!)
bestest daisy j x

sustainablemum said...

How wonderful, one lucky girl one special mama :)

Colette said...

What a lovely room, no wonder she loves it. All those personal touches make it so charming.

Happy New Year to you all. x

Unknown said...

Lucky girl! You did well. :)

I love that old dresser of yours.