Monday, July 7, 2014

In a Pickle

It is full on Summer here in Portland. The garden keeps on giving and sometimes you end up with more than you can eat fresh from the garden. So what do you do (other than gift friends and family with produce)? Well, as they say in Portlandia, "We can pickle that!"

So, armed with a handful of carrots, a fistful of Haricot vert (lovely little french green beans), and a few pickling cucumbers; I set about making small batch refrigerator pickles.

I love a refrigerator pickle; all my produce was fresh picked from my garden then ready in jars in under a half an hour. Since no traditional canning methods (water boiling bath or pressure cooker) were needed, it's easy breezy beautiful pickles! I use this method for small batch only, since they only last a little over a month in the fridge. Of course, they often don't last that long because of the eating. There are plenty of Refrigerator Pickle recipes out there on the internet if you want to give it a try.

Ours will be officially ready this afternoon (24 hours after putting up), but they taste even better if you can wait at least a few days to try them. It's really hard to wait.

Do you like pickles? What is your favorite?

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Unknown said...

Yum! I grew up eating my grandma's corn relish and sweet n' sour pickles. Now I live in the UK, and this country is crazy mad for pickled everything! Chutneys galore, pickled veg of all kinds, I make so many different recipes every autumn. Now my mouth is watering thinking of the tart relish...I love your quick pickle method, instant satisfaction! Chrissie x

Karen said...

So lovely! I have learned to pickle cucumbers and beetroots, a bit of trial and error over the years. Think last summer the pickles turned out the best so far but I'm not really a pickle eater :) My husband loves them. We also have become really good at making our cabbage into sauerkraut, something i never liked until it was our own homemade (and I was pregnant!) really sour and super healthy. I am just finally taking a break from all the berries our garden produced. TONS of jam now in the cellar, yay! xo Karen

Victoria said...

Que hermoso poder plantar ..cuidar y recojer los frutos los cuales hemos estado mimando..La Naturaleza es sabia

No sabia como sonservarlos...Gracias por compartir

Desde España con cariño