Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pick a Peck

Well, we are breaking records here with the wave-O-heat. It makes taking care of the daily routines a little tricky and sticky. I have been zapped of all craftiness and moving at a slugs pace. The only thing I managed to pull off this week was a 20 minute itty bitty purse for the upcoming festival this weekend. No beauty to be sure, but I imagine it will serve it's purpose just fine. Just slap on some patches and we are in business!

The only thing thriving in this heat is a certain section of the veg garden. The peppers are going gangbusters; Japanese eggplant at it's most utmost purpleness; and lemon cucumbers galore (my favorite)!

If you have left me a comment and I have not responded, please know that I so appreciate everyone of them and hope to be back in my usual form once the tempurature cooperates.
We are off to set up tents and find some shade whilst listening to lovely music. I will see you all next week. Until then, I am wishing you all a gorgeous weekend.

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A Bun Can Dance said...

Happy Festival !!
Denise x