Thursday, July 9, 2009

When Quilts Attack!

I've been thinking... nay obsessing, over quilts these days. I have been lost lately while gazing covetously at the wondrous quilties that I have spied out in blogland. Big ones, little ones, quilts that lay on rocks - I am mushing over them all. Good heavens, my heart is pounding as I think of all the comfy lovelies I'd like to make! So, what's stopping me? Time, space and sure I'll say it, fear. Fear of quilts you ask, surely not? Well...sort of. You see, quilts are strange creatures and fickle to boot. They are all for getting started, jumping out the gate with wild enthusiasm, but when it comes to the finish line, they are easily distracted and poky. Then there is the whole business of certain skill sets I have not quite wrapped my head around yet. Oh, come on, get over yourself! I hear you say.

I found some odd cut rectangles in a box in my sewing room, hmmmm...a few more and I could put a little something together. I decided not to go through my usual song and dance routine with the picking out of fabric. Lord, that alone could take days, weeks even! With little thought, I cut some more pieces from my scrap box. I just started sewing them together with the occasional peek at color flow. I had to stop myself more than a couple of times when I found myself fussing and fiddling too much.

Keep it small, very small. It's been well over 4 years since I last made a quilt, better not to get too overwhelmed. I have sewn my strips and I'm still playing with layout.

It could make a sweet stroller quilt or car seat blanket for the wee ones. No pressure though. I mean, I might end up with a few very nice pot holders.


Mare said...

OH! This is going to be great! Keep going! Don't think too much, just do it. I think it looks wonderful already!!! Keep us updated!

diane said...

good luck and have fun! i can't wait to see how it/they turn out!

and the first pic looks like she is camping out for a dead concert. lol.

diane said...

OMG i just noticed your new heading pic. AWESOME i love it!

Corrine said...

i have been working on my first quilt on and off for 7 years i'm almost finished if i don't put it down i might get it finished this year...LOL

Anonymous said...

At least I know that any quilt you make will not turn out lumpy like the one I made for Diane when she was little!!!

Nancy in Atlanta (3 weeks 'til Iowa)

Claire MW said...

Love it! Grand! Keep going!

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