Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Testing One's Mettle

There has been a whisper in the blog wind.. that wile gal Dottie Angel, has sallied up "a challenge of the utmost kind." When first I read of it, I thought, 'Smashing idea, I'm in!' Still, I hesitated. My Irish great grandmother, Lulu Mulligan's voice came in, "Aw now, do you not think you've enough challenges already child? For pity's sake, just look atcha." While I have been feeling a little challenged of late, I have decided at last to hitch my wagon to Dottie's and join in.

In case you aren't feeling click happy and just want me to get to the point, here is the challenge: To buy only handcrafted or second hand goods for my home and closet for an entire year.
There are exceptions allowed. The first two exceptions set forth by Ms. Angel
1: undies and tights
2: gifts (received)
Perfectly understandable.
The next two exceptions are my own
3: Thread for sewing, printer ink (though we do use a DIY refill kit at home), and necessary items of that sort. Whilst this might be a given that I need not call attention to, I do generally feel that the devil is in the details.
4: Parts. Parts for the things that may start falling apart and need fixing may be bought brand new.

What does this challenge mean? It means that I continue doing things much the way I have been, but in a much more mindful way. It will be interesting to really pay attention to and be made aware of the little items that end up in the shopping basket. Needs versus wants and the like. Make and mend shall be my mantra.

I will ignore the death rattle of 'Mr. Suds' and believe that my boots will carry me through another winter. I think I can.
My start date is retroactive to Sept. 20th 2009 since I have lived well within the challenge guidelines from that day.

And, if any of you think your up for the challenge, just pop on over to Dottie Angel and sign up!

A little side note here - Since I do make my own cleaning products already, if anyone has some extra lavender oil they would like to send my way...


Pomona said...

I am going to join in, too - I just have to think it through completely. Like you, it is an extension of how we live anyway, but it is good to make these things explicit, and think about all those purchasing decisions.

Pomona x

dottie angel said...

hurrah!!! i knew you would join me... it was just a matter of time :)
i'm so excited to have you along for the ride, you will no doubt be even more of an inspiration to me...

let the fun begin!
Tif x

dottie angel said...

and that goes for you too, pomona ;)

lifeshighway said...

I will be watching this challenge with interest. Good luck, gals.

Qalballah said...

Good luck on your challenge, utmost buddy. I've also posted on the challenge too - :)

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hi Lola
Oh what fun we will all have over the coming months sharing tips and ideas and learning our 'weak points' and temptations! So exciting! I am delighted you are IN ....
Happy thrifting and crafting!
Denise x

Kari said...

I'm in too! This is going to be so much fun. Good luck:) Looking forward to checking in often.

diane said...

holy cow i am impressed! wish i had some lavender oil to send you but i don't even know what that is ;)