Monday, October 5, 2009

Living With Handmade

Thank you all for your speedy recovery wishes last week, they indeed made me feel better. Whilst I'm not quite back to my hale and hardy self just yet, I am feeling loads better and am mostly upright.

During my lay in, I had a few moments to think about this "challenge of the utmost kind" I'd gotten myself all mixed up in. I realized I never told you about my reasons for doing so. I got to thinking that I should, I should tell y'all why.
I'm not generally a 'Joiner', which has a little something to do with the way I was brought up, and a lot to do with the whole 'Columbia House Debacle' of 1982.

Still, I have been trying to open myself up a bit, the blogging community offers so many worthy 'Join In' opportunities. So, sign up and commit I did (after giving it some thought in my favorite thinking spot). And I do have reasons.

But today, I am going to address only one - and that is: Handmade
I'm for it!
We are definitely a handmade family. History is in the handmade. Certainly, we have all received something handmade at one time in our lives, that we did not fully appreciate (I'm thinking of one bedazzled pink sweatshirt in particular). Still, there is something pretty amazing about things made by hand. They just seem to have more 'soul'.

I started looking around my house and noticing just how much we live with handmade. Things we use everyday, that are integral to our lives that have been handmade by us, or others. These are things that I cherish, that seem to have a longer, more meaningful life in our home. Much like the pile of quilts made by many hands.

Small things - like our cloth napkins that we use everyday. Though they don't look quite so pristine anymore.

The beautiful TV and stereo cupboard that my very talented man made.

My pottery that has been in constant use since I took a class some years ago.

These are but a few of the things in our home that I see everyday that are part of our handmade life. I read somewhere about some ladies in the States who were hand crocheting bandages for lepers in a distant land. When asked why not just buy some gauze bandages and send them over, they explained that in practical terms - the handmade bandages were stronger, lasted longer and could be sterilized and re-used (unlike gauze). The part that got me though was this...the lepers believe that the karma of the makers are in the handmade bandages and that this helped heal. I can believe it.

So, buying handmade and making myself, yes. I am also thinking that this challenge might spark some creativity as yet untapped. Encourage me to make even more for my home. Things that have lasting integrity and meaningfulness.

Long post I know, hey I've been kinda quiet during my sickness so...
Happy Monday all, I will be back with more handmade news and hopefully a shop update!


Mom L said...

Lovely post - and I'm so glad you're feeling better! Being sick is really a drag in many ways.


Anil P said...

To know that another shaped it with their hands is to respect the creation and value it so.

Mare said...

Anything made by hand is always better, and charged with the love and intentions of the maker. I firmly believe that. Why, every time i use a heating pillow that a certain wonderful friend of mine made for me, i can actually feel her healing hands on me. There's nothing like it! :)

Floss said...

Thanks - that's really inspiring. I'm glad you're on the mend. Now that autumn is coming I'm back onto my handmade vibe - over summer I will use the sewing machine but I never seem to make anything by hand. I am now newly encouraged by you, my new muppet friend! (How do you manage with those muppet hands?)

Pia K said...

i totally agree that handmade things have 'soul', it always feels so much better to buy (and get of course!) handmade things, they're one offs, unique, the maker has put effort and yes soul into it. and but purchasing such things you give not only money but gratitude to the work and effort the maker has put into the project. it's sad that too few appreciate carefully handmade things before horrible massproduced stuff.

that cupboard is amazing! and your pottery is so very sweet!

ps. i have absolutely no idea what the columbia house debacle of '82 is, but i will google:) ds

diane said...

i'm glad you are feeling better and of course i love ALL of your handmade things. and i'm very impressed with mr. nova now too! :)

edward and lilly said...

Great post, you sum up the value of handmade perfectly. Love your pottery!

Debra said...

oh definitely soul filled..
gee that man is a goodie...:)
i too have some 'old' pottery...its lovely to work yours..:)

. said...

I found your blog when a picture of what I mistakenly thought was a Fraggle from Fraggle Rock popped up next to a comment on Floss's blog, but it's not a Fraggle at all, it's a Muppet, which in terms of splendid kid's TV shows is equally as good.
I've also been tossing the Utmost Challenge over in my mind and as a fellow non-joiner I haven't yet been brave enough to hit that button. I just keep thinking that although I haven't bought anything brand new for at least 3 months now, the minute I put it in writing the bargain of the century will appear before me in a puff of smoke.
Glad to hear your feeling better, x

lifeshighway said...

Lovely post. The napkins are adorable and the cabinet is handsome. Homes always feel warm and friendly when they are filled with things that are made with love.

Pomona said...

I think things that are handmade always have an extra layer of meaning - there is a story or a memory attached. I don't know if you read my blog posts about cushions and aprons, but I am beginning to realize that the things I make capture moments in time for me - and possibly hold different moments and memories for the recipients.

Pomona x

A Bun Can Dance said...

I love the story about the lepers. Yes, I definitely agree, that anything handmade has the 'spirit' of the creator in it. This reminds me of the book: "Like Water for Chocolate" - same idea really.
Your TV cabinet is wonderful, so if hubby wants to export a few items......
Denise x