Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Back to the Drawing Board

Or sewing room...There is no doubt that my girl needs some new clothes. She's grown 2 inches in six months and all her pants have hit the high water mark. With all the holiday making and such, I haven't been keeping up with my usual sewing. Luckily, I just received some patterns that I ordered from banberryplace.com. Mostly Farbenmix and mostly in German; I don't know any German. If they were in French, I'd have a better chance at a more well rounded understanding. In Chinese, easy, I'd scan them and send them to my friend in China for translation. Fortunately, even in German, I get by most of the time. These are good patterns and pretty straight forward so, my rudimentary knowledge of sewing gets me through.

I have decided exactly what to do with the new Owl fabric. A dress on the horizon. Necessity requires immediate attention to pants production however. So, I'll go through my stash of corduroy and see what I can come up with.

In other news, I was reading blogs and came across a few posts about homemade bread, inspiration. Ah just the thing for a wet winter day. So, I turned out a batch of whole wheat hamburger buns. Delish.

I have almost caught up from our holiday away and I am looking forward to getting full recovery of our normal routine. If only there was a little more time in each day. Oh, look - the sun is coming out, hurray!


Claire MW said...

Looks like the whole blogosphere decided to bake bread recently! Must be something in the air. Mmmm...the smell of baking bread. Actually, I think it's the delightful photographs. It all looks so yummy!

Can't wait to see the new wardrobe!

Claire MW said...

Gotcha! Awarded you the Lemonade Stand Award on my blog tonight, because you are one of my favorites! Thanks for having such a fun and thought provoking blog!