Monday, January 26, 2009

Lovebirds #1

Stained Glass Lovebirds

Today I was trying to come up with an artsy craftsy thing to do with my girl. With the holiday of hearts just around the corner I was thinking of other symbols of love. So, I pulled out the old art of ironing crayon shavings between two pieces of wax paper. (I found a link to some directions here but, I don't think Martha has a 3 year old on staff, so hers look a little more polished than ours.) I wanted some shapes that weren't hearts and thus the lovebirds were hatched.

We ended up with a huge mess,I will be days in cleaning up errant crayon bits. The truth is, sometimes a good mess is just what you need. I had a great time and the Little Bean thought it was pretty cool too.

They look so sweet with the afternoon sun coming through the curtain.


Mare said...

Oh! Your love birds are beautiful! I can't wait until my Lola gets old enough to do projects like that! Today she sat down at her little table and made me a drawing with her new big chunky crayons tho! I used to make wax paper gifts for parents when i taught at the local daycare center, and it was VERY messy,(think your mess x 24 children!) but well worth the mess and effort. Super job!

Unknown said...

When I taught we had this as one of our art activities. Fall project with collected leaves and crayon shavings. Yours is beautiful.

diane said...

the birds came out great! and thinking of wax paper and crayons brought me back to the days of making shrinkie dinks when i was little. how fun.

Claire MW said...

I love the birds - how creative! It reminded me of when I was a little girl, and my mother and I made crayon "butterflies" by putting crayon shavings on paper in a half a butterfly shape and then folding the paper in half with the shavings inside, and ironing the paper. The shavings would melt into a lovely butterfly design. Thanks for triggering that memory for me!