Sunday, January 25, 2009

Someday Sunday

As it's January, I've been hearing a lot of talk and reading a good amount of text dedicated to a new start. Change, resolution, fresh beginnings and all the hopeful things that make you take a deep breath and slowly sigh. This is good. Another thing I have noticed in connection with this, is the sprouting of lists. To Do lists, Create lists, Wish lists, 1000 places to see before you die lists, Gratitude lists... and it got me thinking. What are some things that I'd like to do someday? Big or little, silly or mundane, it all counts. O.K., but just one at a time.

I like to fish, I don't go a lot but, I enjoy it. I also like camping, Andrew and I spent our honeymoon on a 7 day camping/road trip (it was awesome). A few years ago I ran across Sisters On The Fly. A group of ladies that organize these great fishing trips to beautiful places and camp. Many of them have these amazing vintage travel trailers that they bring. Check out the cowgirl caravan page, I love it! So...since then I thought that someday I would like to learn to fly fish, get myself one of those cute little trailers and take one of those trips.

Well, that is one of the bigger ones. Next time I might keep it small. I also really like Diane's idea of a "Do It" and "Did It" list.

I even have my grandfather's fishing creels to bring along.

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diane said...

the cowgirl caravan trailers are very cool! and fly fishing would be fun and wouldn't require a bathing suit ;)
and i'm glad someone liked my 'did it' idea!