Sunday, January 4, 2009

To The New

with a nod to the old.
Just back from our big Kansas adventure and I am feeling out of sorts. I was disconnected from the computer for over 8 days (not a bad thing) and I feel like I have much to catch up on. So, I have decided to claim tomorrow's Monday morning as my official New Year kick off and take it from there.

We had a lovely visit with family, good times with friends, exploration and a little horsing around.
I can now show you some of the other makings for the Holiday; now that the gifts have been given there is no danger of spoiling a surprise.Here is to the coming year, anything is possible.

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Claire MW said...

Looks like a fun and festive time was had by all! Reminds me of the horse riding camp I attended as a child. Love the wrapping style for the gifts! Happy new year tomorrow morning!