Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Professor Crazy Pants

Finally finished up the first pair of pants for my girl. They are made out of a dark chocolate two-way cord, a corduroy print and a bit of pink stripey cotton I had in my scraps. They are wild. I used the Berit pattern from Farbenmix in German. Of course I added to and changed the original, 'cause I just can't help myself. These patterns really do encourage a lot of creativity and personalization. The pants were very difficult to photograph well - something with the cord and stripes. I had a hard time capturing all the detail.

On a side note; Blogger has been doing bad things to my photos upon upload. They look like a poorly optimized web photo, yuck! This seems to have started happening last month. I wish it would stop, I don't like. I have even tried re-sizing, optimizing and messing about in photoshop luck. Phooey! Fuzzy, crinkly pics no good.

...but back to the pants, I like them pretty well and my girl seems to think they're great. There are some vintage pink velvet ribbons with charms attached to them in one of the side insets that I don't think showed up on these photos. Those are a big hit and will be showing up more in my clothing. I need to enlist the help of my mom for some cool charms (she makes jewelry with vintage beads). Now, on to the next project.


Claire MW said...

Those are awesome! I want a pair! Maybe without the hearts. I cannot get over your creativity. When will you show us the cool clothes you make for yourself?!

Note to self: Watch for Lola Nova Etsy shop, when open, insist upon adult clothing item offerings. Buy them, and be the coolest chick at the office, EVER!

Mare said...

I LOVE those pants! I can see my Lola skipping around in pants like those! ;)